How to Get Leather in Stranded Deep | Simple Steps For PS4 and Xbox

How to Get Leather in Stranded Deep | Simple Steps For PS4 and Xbox

This is how to get leather in stranded deep. Our dedicated gaming team is here to bring another stranded deep guide. Here we will show you how to make leather in stranded deep ps4, Xbox and PC as well. This peice comes with simple to follow steps of how to get this done yourself.
Stranded deep is undoubtedly one of the world most played survival games…It has its players traversing back and forth the Island and ocean trying to survive. That is after you might have lost in the middle of Island after a crash. You’d definitely have to survive, and surving there means you must have some essential materials to do so, else you crash. Like other surviving tools, leather is one of them and it is quite essential as well.


What is Leather in Stranded Deep

Stranded Deep Leather
Leather is an item found in Stranded Deep. This item is used to upgrade tools, which allow the player to use them for longer and speed up certain breaking processes. Leather can be used in different aspect which we will let you know.
Leather can be built from two materials which may prove a bit difficult to get in the game if you are a beginer. But we’ve equally made some guide to get all of those materials (recipes) as well. Most gamers ask how they can get get leather, not really knowing you can only craft one. So, if you must use leather in the game of stranded deep, then you will have to craft them. Our guide to crafting the much needed leather is here below.

This is How to Get Leather in Stranded Deep

The first thing that you need to do is to craft a Tanning Rack and get Rawhid. It is not difficult; all the recipes you need will be made known here and how to get them ready.
Is there a special way of making leather in this game? I don’t think, but here is it; getting a Leather you need to craft it using Tanning Rack and Rawhide.
How To Craft A Tanning Rack:
For crafting a Tanning Rack you’ll need;
4x Lashings: Remember lashing can be gotten from palm trees. Use knife or axes, chop down the palm tress and refine lashing from the leaves as much as you can, but remember you need 4x here.
4x wood: Wood is one of the commonest things in the Island. They are readily found on the ground surface; pick them up and gather for tanning rack crafting.
Remember you needed two materials to make a leather ‘Tanning Rack and Rawhide‘. Now, to get Rawhide is simple. It can be obtained from boars and sharks.
After getting the two materials ready; Follow the steps below to Craft a leather:
Step 1:
Open the “Crafting menu
Step 2: 
Select the “Tools” tab
Step 3:
Select the “Leather” option

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What Recipes Can you Craft Using Leather?

Now that you have succesfully made Leather, what can you do with it? Now, let’s show you a few things you can craft with the combination of leather.
Refined Pick

  • x2 Leather
  • x1 Stick
  • x2 Stone Tool

Tool Belt Pouch 3

  • x2 Leather

Sleeping Bag

  • x3 Leather
  • x3 Stick
  • x3 Cloth

Water Skin

  • x2 Leather
  • x1 Stick
  • x1 Tanning Rack

Refined Pick

  • x1 Stick
  • x2 Leather
  • x2 Stone Tool

That was how to get a leather in stranded deep game. We equally added some of the recipes that can be made with leather as well. If you have any contribution or other easier tips to to share with us on the topic above, then you can always have your say below.


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