5 Top Online Casino Trends 2024

Online Casino Trends

Due to the Covid-19 global lockdown, many land-based casino enthusiasts turned to online versions to engage in their favorite games. There has been a general surge in internet-related activities compared to the pre-Covid period.  The years 2024 ushered in new and fascinating gaming websites with a huge catalog of cryptocurrency payment methods available. Innovations such […]

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Legalities of Playing Pokies Down Under : Your Ultimate Guide for 2024

Legalities of Playing Pokies

When it comes to taking a flutter, we all have our favorite games. Whether you prefer table games such as Roulette or Black Jack or are more of a dab hand at the pokies, there’s something for everyone on the wealth of online casino portals available today. What’s more, unlike traditional-land-based casinos, their online counterparts […]

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How to Make Money Playing Video Games | 7 Useful Tips to Get Started

Playing video games can be a relaxing, exciting, funny, and very social activity. It’s not a wonder that many young adults are playing video games to pass the time, connect with their friends, or because they are genuinely excited for the new release. However, many gamers managed to monetize this hobby, and actually make a […]

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Crypto and Athlete Endorsements: A Win-Win Partnership

Crypto and Athlete

Cryptocurrencies have become a mainstream financial tool and one that’s become a staple of some industries. This has led the crypto companies to market their services in new and bold ways. Among others, they’ve worked on building relationships with traditional brands. Cryptos are endorsing many sports events and championships, and, in recent years, athletes directly. […]

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AI-Powered Customer Service in Casinos

Customer Service in Casinos

The deployment of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the realm of casino customer service has revolutionized the industry’s approach to guest interaction, ushering in an era of unprecedented personalization, efficiency, and security. The paradigm shift, driven by AI’s ability to meticulously analyze and respond to individual customer behaviors—ranging from game preferences and visitation patterns to favored […]

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