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Raise your 8 Ball Pool Game with These Quick Hacks

The game of 8 ball pool rose to popularity in the 1900s in the USA. The game was a development to pyramid pool, which is played with fifteen object balls, and players can win if they pocket any eight of them. In the 8 ball game, players must pocket the 8 ball at the end to win.


Most people missed haunting their favorite jaunts to play a game of 8 ball during the pandemic-induced lockdowns. That’s when online 8 ball pool games took over and helped millions of people ease the lockdown stress. The game is user-friendly and straightforward to learn. People of various age groups play it, and there’s no fear of holding the cue stick wrong and ruining the pool table. All you need to do is accurately hit the object balls and pocket them before your opponent.

8 ball pool is possibly one of the most entertaining and engaging online games you can play with your friends and family. Of course, mastering precision shots isn’t as easy as it sounds. But you can quickly learn and take your 8 ball pool game to the next level with a few simple and quick hacks.

So, after completing the 8 ball pool download, follow these easy tricks and beat your opponent.

1. Pot one ball when you break

For the game to begin, you need to smash the cue ball to the hoarded object balls and ensure to pocket at least one of them. While there are different kinds of breaks, the most popular ones are:

  • Hitting the first ball in the triangle and using top spin to drive through the pack of object balls.
  • Hit the second ball as cleanly as possible using bottom spin, and the cue ball will hit the cushion and goes back into the pack of object balls again.

In online 8 ball pool games, you must pocket one object ball in every shot. If you fail, you’ll lose a life, and you only have three lives in each game. Even with the timer running, you’ll lose the game once you’ve lost all three lives. Therefore, the break must be seen as an opportunity to pot an object ball and not only to disperse the balls across the board.

2. Time your shots and act quick

What’s worse than losing a game of 8 ball pool to your opponent? Losing the game because the timer ran out!
You wouldn’t want to lose your chance of taking a shot because you are too distracted. Indeed, it would be best if you practiced your aim to ensure that you can control the cue ball better and take your shots faster. Although there’s no timer on each shot per se, the entire game lasts for 3-minutes. You need to pocket all eight object balls within the time limit. So, the faster you can learn to shoot, the better for you.

3. Do your best to avoid pocketing the cue ball


Throughout the game, be careful not to pocket the cue ball. If you sink the cue ball, you’ll lose a life. Also, the cue ball will go back at the head string, and you need to aim for your shots from scratch.
Plan your shots carefully and use restrained power, so the cue ball doesn’t sink and positions itself where you want it to be.

4. Utilize the spins

It is a bit tricky to understand and master spin physics. For a seamless gaming experience, you’ll notice the online 8 ball pool games featuring impressive touch control settings. Typically, the controls feature tap and drag and touch and drag for moving the cue stick with great ease. Additionally, the game integrates spin physics where you can use three kinds of spins – side spin, top spin, and bottom spin.

Mastering spin is regarded as key to becoming a pro 8 ball pool player. If you don’t use spins wisely, you cannot hope to beat your opponent. For example, if you need to take a shot at a targeted object ball lying close to the pocket, you need to apply a backspin, so the cue ball isn’t accidentally pocketed, along with the object ball.

5. Practice the game to perfect your aim

You’ll miss out on your chance of beating your opponent and getting better at the game if you don’t spend ample time practicing the game. You can play free games to practice your aim, play shots with both minimal and maximal power to see if the cue ball moves in the desired direction, and clarify how the spins work. As you practice the game every day, you’ll learn how to pocket several object balls at once.

It is impossible to become a pro 8 ball pool player without comprehending the game’s nuances. Ensure not to lose your cool till the last object ball is pocketed.

6. Anticipate and plan your next move

Want to add more points to your scoreboard? Taking advantage of the 10x multiplier is crucial in driving your scores up the leaderboard. When the 10x multiplier is enabled, it would be great if you could sink as many object balls as you can. Since the pocket multipliers change after taking the first shot, observing the pockets and taking your shots is essential.

Whenever possible, sink an object ball in the 10x pocket. If the 10x isn’t possible, aim for the 6x or 8x multipliers. You’ll get more scores and gain a competitive edge over your opponent.

Wrapping up

Implement these quick 8 ball pool tricks and tips by downloading the game. Once downloaded, you can play the game anywhere and whenever. When you’re confident of your aiming and shooting skills, participate in 1V1 or 1VN battles and tournaments to win cash prizes.

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