Is It Spelled Backwards To Illuminati

All About Itanimulli – Is It Spelled Backwards To Illuminati?

Itanimulli is the word “Illuminati” if you opt to spell it backward. In the course of this article, we will be looking at interesting facts about the word “itanimulli”. Without further ado, let us delve in.


If You Type “” On A Search Engine It Will Redirect To NASA’s Official Website

If you use the Google search engine to type in “”, you will be redirected to the official government website NASA. NASA is a space agency of the USA. The manage and maintain technological and military operations of the United States.

When you type “” it will take you to “”.  This adds fuel to speculative thoughts of conspiracy theories that NASA and the US government are linked to the Illuminati.

The Domain Name Is Not Owned BY Nasa

It would be important to clear the air that itanimulli is not owned by NASA. After some extensive research, and performing a WHO-Is search on the domain, it was owned by Godaddy. Turns out, that the registrar that owns the site opted to redirect the site to in a bid to fuel conspiracy theories.

Another site that is similar is “”, which redirects to This latter-mentioned site is also owned by an individual that has no affiliation with the US government or the Illuminati.

Why Is The Illuminati Of So Much Interest To Conspiracy Theorists?

Most conspiracy theorists believe that there is an occult elite group somewhere, that controls popular culture and mainstream media. This is majorly why NASA and other top government agencies fit their descriptions of global control freaks.


The major theme of the Illuminati is that they are hiding in plain sight. They are interpreted as shadowy cabal that is in control of the world. This is why the Illuminati are always at the top list of most conspiracy theorists.

Was The Illuminati Ever Real?

Yes, they were historically real as cited by “”, but modern-day theories about them are exaggerated. However, modern pop culture and influential media have always been linked back to the Illuminati.

According to, Kanye West and Jay Z were contacted via their spokesmen to determine whether the Illuminati were real or not.

They responded in negation to claims that they were members of the Illuminati. Jay Z in the past stated that he saw rumors of his membership with the Illuminati as stupid, while Kanye recounted that it was ridiculous, as cited by “Vox Magazine.” And for conspiracy theorists, that is what a typical member of the Illuminati would say.

If The Illuminati Used To Be Real, What Is Its Brief History?

The word “Illuminati” is used to refer to the Bavarian Illuminati in a historical sense. According to historical findings, they operated for only a decade from 1776 to 1785. Their organization was said to have been founded by a German law professor who goes by Adam Weishaupt.

The ancient Illuminati were known for enlightenment ideals that were spread only among the elites. Weishaupt used the Illuminati to teach reason and secular values that were later used to influence the political decisions of the elite.


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