Crazy Facts You Didn’t Know About Casinos And Gambling

Crazy Facts You Didn’t Know About Casinos And Gambling

There is a lot that people already know about casinos, be it online or land-based gaming venues and gambling. However, there’s also a lot that people don’t know. And it’s fun facts that will often add character to an industry. Below is a list of some of those crazy stories you may not have heard about before.


There used to be a casino in a prison.

Believe it or not, there used to be a casino inside a prison in the US. When you drill down into the details, it makes a lot of sense as the prison in question was the Nevada State Prison, and as everyone knows, Nevada is the home of Las Vegas. The casino was based inside the jail for thirty-five years, and inmates could play everything from blackjack to poker.

FedEx was saved by gambling it all.

Frederick Smith, one of the founders of FedEx, realised that his company was struggling in 1973. And while it may appear crazy to some, he decided to fly into Las Vegas to risk the $5,000 FedEx had in the bank at the time. And, believe it or not, he won nearly $30,000 by playing blackjack, therefore saving the company and allowing it to become what everyone knows FedEx to be today.


You can play at a casino in the back of a cab.

There are undoubtedly some casinos around that are on the small side, but do they come any smaller than one found in the back of a black cab in London? We don’t think so. The whole idea is a bit of a marketing ploy by the Grosvenor Casino in the UK’s capital, with the majority of mobile casino games available to play via a set-up in the back of a Hackney Carriage. Riders can play and go anywhere they like, but they must make a charitable donation first.

Dreams came true for a World War II veteran.

When people talk about their dreams of winning big when playing casino games, you could suggest it’s a case of pie in the sky. However, a World War II veteran called Emler Sherman broke the mould. A rare exception made his aspirations more believable than most because, in 1989, Sherman had already pocketed $4.6 million when playing at a slot machine. But, his ambition was to repeat the feat before his time was up. Fast forward to 2005, and Sherman collected a stunning £21.1 million, again from a slot, realising his dreams.

You can’t gamble at the Monte Carlo Casino if you live in Monaco.

Now, you would have thought that if you lived in Monaco and had the Monte Carlo Casino on your doorstep, it would naturally be a regular haunt. However, it’s not the case. If you’re a citizen of Monaco, you’re not allowed to gamble at the venue, a rule that has been in place since the mid-1800s. As a result, only foreigners can spend cash there, but citizens benefit from not paying income tax, as the casino’s profits have it covered.


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