On FedEx Vehicle For Delivery

On FedEx Vehicle For Delivery Meaning and Explanation

Most FedEx customers who are expecting a package get stuck with this popular tracking message; “On FedEx vehicle For Delivery”. In the course of this article, we would be helping you out with the meaning of this FedEx tracking message.


Meaning of FedEx Vehicle For Delivery

“On FedEx Vehicle For Delivery” implies that your FedEx package is en route as soon as possible. When you see this message, you should expect your package in a few hours time because the package is in a FedEx vehicle making its way to you.

It is important to note that there is no big fuss about this FedEx delivery message. This is because this is one of the easiest and self-explanatory messages you would ever get from FedEx.

Could there be problems with FedEx delivery?

Yes, most of the time, you might be expecting your FedEx package in a day and still don’t get it. It is possible to have FedEx staff incorrectly scan your package, making the package arrive a lot sooner than it should arrive. If you don’t see your package in the anticipated time, you should track your FedEx package.

How To Track your FedEx Package if you don’t see it

It is important to note that every package that is handled by FedEx is going to have a TCN also known as transportation control number on it. Each package has a TCN that is unique to it. It is with the aid of the TCN of your FedEx package that you can monitor updates as it moves through the FedEx shipping line. The Transportation control number of your FedEx package is created the very moment that your shipping label is created. It is with the aid of this code that you can track your FedEx shipment.

It is important to also take note of the fact that the TCN can also be found on the receipt and also in the email address sent to your by FedEx. You can use the TCN to check for updates on your package anytime, whether it is day or night. Each update that you get from FedEx comes with its own description.


Is it Possible to re-Route Your Package when it is out of delivery?

Yes anyone can!

With the FedEx delivery manager platform, you can have more control over your shipment, even if the “out of delivery” message has been sent to you.

For newbies, you can redirect any of your FedEx deliveries to one of the many offices of FedEx. That is one of the huge benefits of using FedEx courier service.

It is also possible for a FedEx customer to have their package held up temporarily for up to two weeks, even after getting the message; “on FedEx vehicle For Delivery”. This feature can be used by someone that has an emergency and would not be able to pick up the package that day.

Also, learn how to return a package to sender if you are not satisfied with it.


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