8 Steps to Create Shipping Label in FedEx

Shipping is a very integral part of any small business that wants success. No matter the product that the small business deals in, you need, attach an accurate shipping label so that the product will arrive at the right destination. It is important to note that FedEx offers its customers the ability to create accurate shipping labels on their online platforms. This can help to save a company a lot of time because, on the FedEx website, they can create, print, and attach the labels at your location.


This is how to create Shipping Labels on FedEx in 8 simple steps;

Step 1: Register a FedEx account

First off, you would need to navigate to the official website of FedEx and then select the U.S.A. from the shipping location drop-down menu. After selecting the U.S.A., you will need to enter your FedEx username and password. And then click on the “Register Now button”. After clicking on the register now button, the user will be prompted to click on “Open a FedEx account”. This will allow you to create a FedEx account with the required registration information. After keying in all the much needed details, go ahead to click on the continue button.

Step 2: Create the Shipment

You will now need to use your mouse to hover over the shipping tab and then select the “Create shipment” option. After this, the next step would be to click the “prepare shipment” tab, as this would allow you to open an interface for selecting the “Create Return shipment” from the drop-down list.

Step 3: Key in your Company’s shipment information

In this step, the user would need to enter the company’s information in the section that is labeled “Return Package to”. After this, they would then need to enter their full name, phone number, and address in the “return package from” section.

Step 4: Create the Printed Label


Here, you would need to click on the “Return Label Type” in the drop-down menu, as this would help you to create the return label that you want to include in your shipment.
You can also go on to email the return label to the customer or use an alternative option such as FedExpress Tag or FedEx Ground call tag. Afterward, the FedEx Courier would take the package and create the much-needed shipping label.

Step 5: Choose your Delivery Method

The next step would be to use the “Package type” option in the drop-down menu to choose your preferred return delivery method. Also, include overnight or two-day delivery.

Step 6: Enter the package Details

In this step, you will need to enter the package details that are required of you. These details include the type of package that is being returned; whether it is a box or an envelope, and the number of packages that are included in the return shipment, and the weight and dimensions.

Step 7: Do an overview of the billing information

Here, the person that wants to create a shipping label with FedEx would need to review the billing information. It is important to note that this detail appears automatically in the billing details section. To be able to change the billing account, you will need to click on the “Bill transportation to ” option in the drop-down menu. After this, enter an alternative 9-digit FedEx account number.

 Step 8: Process your shipment

In the last step, you will click on the “ship ” button to process the shipment and then review the shipment details that are on the confirmation page. It is important to note that the tracking number will also be displayed on the screen. When you click the “ship” button one more time, you will get the final shipping label. There is also an option to ship on the FedEx website.

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