how to return a package to sender

How to Return a Package to Sender on FedEx, USPS, Amazon and eBay

Do you wish to return a package to a sender, or made an online purchase but want to send the shipment back? In the course of this article, we would be looking at a practical guide on how to return a package to a sender. Without further mouthing, let us delve in.


5 Steps to Return a Package to Sender

  1. Have an agreement with the sender about all the shipment detail. Here you have to agree with the sender of the package that you wish to return on things like; the delivery address and who is in charge of the payment.
  2. The next step would be to put the items back the order they were if you opened it. If you have not opened the package, then be sure to remove all the labels on it.
  3. Go ahead to check the weight and size of the package that you want to return. After that, choose a shipping service to use to return the package to the sender.
  4. Wait for the courier to do their job
  5. Track the return shipment online.

Factors to consider when planning returning package to sender

Steps to Return a Package to Sender
There are some tangible factors that are worth looking into if you want to return a package to a sender. One of them is the seller package returns policy. Most sellers go-ahead to stipulate a returns policy. This is peradventure you wish to return the product that you ordered for. Some return policies can stipulate that you have to return the package the way it was to be eligible for a refund, some also state that the shipping costs are the sole responsibility of the buyer.

Another interesting factor to bear in mind before returning a package is to check for the packaging of the item. Endeavor to remove old labels from the packaging and return the package with the same box wherewith you received it.


Also worth noting is that when you want to return a package, there is a tracking number that you can use to track the return shipment status. Although, this depends on the courier that you are using.

How to Arrange your package for Refund

As stated earlier, if you want to return a package to its sender, you need to put it in its original packaging. If you found your package in a cardboard or poly mailer with bubble wrap, just put it back how you received it.

  • If the packaging of the original package has been mutilated, here are some things to do to get a quick fix:
  • Check to see if all the items for the return shipment are complete and correct. And this includes the accessories and documentation that came along with the received package.
  • Get a tape, and carefully tape the package, and wrap it with at least 2 rolls of bubble wrap. Try to snug the return shipment according to its original shape.
  • The moment you are done, place the package inside a conjugated box of the correct size. It is important for you not to use an oversized box in this case.
  • Now write the tracking ID on the pouch or box packaging so that it would be easy to identify and track the return shipment.

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