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Discover Midnight Club: Los Angeles Unique Cheat System

Rockstar Games might be known for its massive Grand Theft Auto franchise, but that’s not the only epic open-world game they’ve released. Enter Midnight Club: Los Angeles, a racing game set up in LA, offers racing fans a fun and exciting driving experience. It was released back in 2008 on multiple platforms, including Xbox One and PlayStation 3, with Midnight Club: LA Remix supporting the PlayStation Portable.


The game unfolds in Los Angeles, known as the entertainment capital, where, unlike its competitor Las Vegas, the focus isn’t on casino bonuses and gambling but on the rich pop culture and the world of Hollywood. In this city, which has become one of the iconic locations for filming the “Fast and Furious” series, players can feel like part of a Hollywood blockbuster, participating in street races on the iconic streets of Los Angeles.

As great as this title is, many gamers look for Midnight Club Los Angeles cheats to make their way through since the game is just way too hard for most. Luckily, we’ve got just the right information in this guide to unlock hidden advantages and dominate the streets.

Midnight Club Los Angeles Cheats for Xbox 360 and PS3

The good news is that this title does offer plenty of in-game benefits that can be unlocked for easier progression. The bad news, however, is that there aren’t any codes that provide instant upgrades like the Mid Night Club 2 cheats you might have used in the previous version of the game. The developers have instead created a system where racers have to work a little to gain an advantage over their opponents.


Here are all the special features you can get by collecting various items scattered across the game’s version of LA:

  • Bird’s Eye View – Collect 40 Rockstar Barrels
  • Never Damage Out – Collection 20 Rockstar Barrels
  • No Fines – Collect 60 Rockstar Barrels
  • No Police – Collect 50 Rockstar Barrels
  • Unlimited Money – Complete the Career Mode
  • Unlimited Nitro – Collect 10 Rockstar Barrels
  • Unlimited Special Abilities – Collect 30 Rockstar Barrels

The Role of Reputation Points

As you race your way on your Xbox 360 or PS3, you gain Reputation Points. This is another great way to benefit your car or overall experience by simply progressing through the game. Your reputation level determines the benefits you can unlock, as laid out below:

Reputation Points Unlockable
800 Level 1 upgrades for Group 1 vehicles
2,000 Group 2 vehicles
3,610 Level 2 upgrades for Group 1 vehicles
5,600 Level 1 upgrades for Group 2 vehicles
8,060 Group 3 vehicles
10,760 Level 2 upgrades for Group 2 vehicles
13,700 Level 1 upgrades for Group 3 vehicles
16,500 Group 4 vehicles
19,540 Level 2 upgrades for Group 3 vehicles
22,760 Level 1 upgrades for Group 4 vehicles
26,160 Level 2 upgrades for Group 4 vehicles
33,500 Karol Garage Partner mission

New Cheats for Midnight Club: LA Remix

Playing on consoles like the Xbox 360 or the Xbox One is great, but sometimes people want something portable to take their racing action on the road. This is where Midnight Club: LA Remix comes in. This is a scaled-down version of the game developed by Rockstar London for the PSP. If you’re looking for actual Midnight Club Los Angeles cheat codes, you’ll find them in the Remix version.
A modder named Silent heard how the Gran Tourismo games had cheats that were discovered only recently and decided to dig into Midnight Club’s code to see if he could locate some cheats. He then got lucky and listed 11 codes that could be entered directly into the PSP version.

  • confidential – Unlock complete Arcade mode content
  • mmmungo – gain stronger special ability effects
  • ragevirus – gain agro ability on eligible vehicles
  • stayontarget – gain zone ability on eligible vehicles
  • sushi – gain roar ability on eligible vehicles
  • granite – gain indestructibility
  • skidlida – unlock orb biker heads
  • skidlidb – unlock pumpkin biker heads
  • skidlidc – unlock bunny biker heads
  • skidlidd – unlock snowman biker heads
  • skidlide – unlock skull biker heads

General Hints and Tips for Midnight Club: LA

Now that you know everything about Midnight Club Los Angeles cheats for Xbox 360 and the PSP, here are some general tips to help you get the most out of your experience:

  • Press Y to skip to the start of the race after you’ve flashed your headlights to activate a mission. This will save you precious time.
  • You can gain a slipstream turbo boost by getting behind your opponent before overtaking.
  • Hold down RT and A when starting a race, and release when the light gets green to get a headstart.
  • A great way to make money is Delivery. It’s a shorter race than a regular one and pays more.
  • Payback is a great option to earn Money and Rep Points simultaneously. Always start with easier Paybacks and then slowly move to more difficult ones as you practise.
  • If you can’t catch up to an opponent, the EMP is the best ability to get you ahead.
  • Pass through a gas station while racing to get one nitrous canister refilled.
  • Finish every race, even if you’re losing. This will make the game’s AI adjust the difficulty level accordingly. If you keep restarting games in the middle, the difficulty will keep increasing.

With these, you’ll be sure to gain an advantage in the game, giving you more chances to win races, gather Rep. Points, improve your cars, and generally have a much better time.


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