Free Discord Nitro Codes List

All Free Discord Nitro Codes List 2023

Discord is one of the best chat applications that was designed to allow people from different communities to communicate with each other. Discord Nitro, however, is a paid membership service for gamers. With an active Discord Nitro subscription, you can enjoy customized chat functionality. With Discord Nitro, a gamer can improve their text, audio, and video chats. Also worth noting is that private and public servers can be created for you and your gaming team.


List Of Working Discord Nitro Codes

The following are working Discord Nitro codes:

  • SFUwkAxZetJTYnTE
  • ak32tBys3Lth539S
  • AD6oKlegWTEdfgUA
  • R7qQCjqPsk0Fh5Ox
  • OCKAoqOkG3FsqqfC
  • OjVDtUjnMIj2RWLv
  • UEA5Pak77IndChin
  • sRRDCOxQcwe0KST9
  • GiwHJ3fytpwTigH6
  • RUXHonjOeZuxWuoF

What Are The Best Discord Nitro Features?

Here are some Discord Nitro features that make the platform interesting for gamers:

1. Cool Server Boosts

When you boost a Discord server, it helps to unlock other features such as emoji slots, better audio quality, and a server banner. With a Discord Nitro subscription, there is a bundle for 2 server boosts, which the gamer can use on any server of their choice.

It is important to note that you will not get free server boosts if you opt for Discord Nitro Classic. However, if you opt for Discord Nitro or Discord Nitro Classic, you will be eligible for 30% off on extra server purchases.

2. You Get To Enjoy An Animated Profile Picture

Another interesting perk of using the Discord Nitro feature is that they give users an animated profile picture. Imagine being able to set a GIF as your avatar? You can also use a video that you can turn into a GIF with a GIF maker app, then set it as your profile picture.


3. The Gamer Can Enjoy Server-Specific Profiles

Discord introduced server profiles to allow Discord Nitro subscribers to have separate avatars, bios, and profile banners for each server. With this feature, a gamer can set a custom profile that reflects their own personalities.

4. Access To HD Video Streaming

If you are the kind of user that loves to use Discord to stream Netflix, then the Nitro package suits you. You can use Discord Nitro to watch TV shows and movies in high definition. Imagine being able to stream 1080p videos at 60fps.

5. The Chance To Enjoy Higher Upload Limits

Another interesting perk that comes along with comes along with the Discord Nitro subscription is a higher upload limit for files. You can upload files that have sizes of up to 100 MB. This is way better than the previous upload limit, which was 8MB for free Discord users.

Is The Discord Nitro Package Worth The Money?

First off, the asking price for Discord Nitro is $9.99, and it is fair to say that it is worth the money. If you are a Discord user that likes to use multiple servers, you will come to terms with the fact that Discord Nitro is best for your user experience.

If you are a game streamer, whether established or upcoming, Discord Nitro helps you grow your communities with its aesthetic features.


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