5 Best Movies with Subtitles to Watch

Popular Way of Making Subtitles

Subtitles for movies are made for various reasons. First, they make the watching process for people with hearing problems easier. Also, subtitles are being made for foreign movies. Still, the most widespread reason why people watch movies with subtitles is that they improve their English or even learn this language from the beginning.
We are sure that you have already watched at least one movie with subtitles. But have you ever wondered how these subtitles are created? The answer is using a video transcription service. This online service can transcribe video as well audio into the text of high quality. There can be an automatic transcription. But we advise relying on professional human transcribers.


Watching Movies with Subtitles as the Best Way to Learn English Words

As it was mentioned before, watching films with subtitles can assist English learners. You can combine two processes: enjoy a movie and study new words at the same time. Watching films with subtitles can likewise improve your listening skills.
Though the watching process of the movie with English subtitles is a bit different from an ordinary watching process, it is not less interesting. You simply should be more concentrated on watching. Prepare a notebook to take new words and expressions. All you need to do is to pause the film. After finishing watching, take a dictionary and search for the meanings of expressions that you have put in a notebook.
Also, you can briefly note an episode during the writing process of new expressions. It will be simpler to return to a concrete episode of the film in order to replay the needed scene. Watching a concrete scene as much as possible enables you to comprehend the context of the phrases that were utilized. After that, you can practice listening-and-repeat exercises.

List of Suitable Films with Subtitles

Those people who have been watching movies with subtitles to improve English defined their own lists of suitable films for English learners. Nevertheless, the next movies are recommended to watch by the majority of these people.

1. “Forrest Gump”

Forrest Gump
This movie is extremely suitable for learning American English. It covers all things from ordinary life to American politics. The most popular expression from this movie is “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get”. After this movie was shown, this expression became used to indicate that all things that occur in life are unforeseen.

2. “Fight Club”


Fight Club
There are many reasons people love watching the “Fight Club” movie. This film raises both philosophy, social, and mental health problems. Therefore, English learners have many themes to learn about. There are many famous speech talks by the characters that are discussed till now. The most widespread phrase from this movie is “the middle children of history”. It means that the generation of the main character and his friends hasn’t possessed any significant achievements or fought significant battles in comparison with their parents or grandparents.

3. “The Departed”

The Departed
Though “The Departed” is a crime drama, it is a fit movie for English learners because it has a lot of slang, expressions, and words utilized by police and gangsters. Still, this movie is heavy to watch because of its violence. Therefore it is not recommended for sensitive and young viewers. One of the characters said a phrase that his “heart rate is jacked”. He meant that his heart was beating extremely fast.

4. “Groundhog Day”

Groundhog Day
This movie is funny and strange at the same time. It is about a man who’s reliving the same day over and over. The film begins with common conversations about everyday life, such as about work or meeting with friends. If you watch this movie with subtitles, you will quickly understand what it is about. Then the conversations become more about philosophy topics. The main character calls himself “immortal” and “God” because he continues to experience the same day and can not die.

5. “The Wolf of Wall Street”

The Wolf of Wall Street
This movie can be pretty difficult if you just begin to learn English. It mixes business vocabulary and rude conversations. It is not advisable to talk like the characters of this movie. Still, it assists in recognizing English swear words and expressions. One of the business expressions was mentioned by the main character. “Rat hole” means a safe place for companies to hide money from the government.

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Time for a Conclusion

We may conclude that watching movies with subtitles can be helpful for educational purposes. Next time when you want to increase your English vocabulary, just prepare tasty popcorn and watch an interesting film with friends. You can pick up one of the movies from our list. They are great films because of the acting as well as the availability of interesting and slang words and expressions in English, which you can write in your notebook.


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