Persona 5 Royal Sumire Third Awakening

How to Get Persona 5 Royal Sumire Third Awakening in 5 Steps

Here is another Persona 5 tips, and we will be showing you How to Get Persona 5 Royal Sumire Third Awakening. This piece comes with simple steps and instructions you need to get this working.
Like you all know, Sumire Yoshizawa better known as “Kasumi Yoshizawa” is one of the playable characters from Persona 5 Royal. She is a talented gymnast studying at Shujin Academy who gets involved with the Phantom Thieves of Hearts. Many often tern Surmire as the weak one and the narrative may not be a lie though as she often get a bit careless in deadly situations.
Sumire Third Awakening
A few characteristics of Sumire include cheerful, elegant and friendly with a seemingly perfect life, as she received a Shujin scholarship and was (supposedly) nearly uncontested in gymnastic competitions. Sumire equally seems to be a bit careless and clumsy, as she is shown outright missing the mark at the batting cages even if her reflexes are usually excellent, and she lets her phone’s battery run out while texting the protagonist.


Here is How to Get Sumire Third Awakening in Persona 5 Royal


1. Prefer Sumire to others
2. Her confidant Rank 1 will happen automatically on 6/10
3. Try to complete this confidant as soon as possible; meanwhile, rank 7 & 8 are locked until you are at the Sae’s place
4. You can also make Takuto Maruki’s and Kasumi confidant to rank 9 and 5 respectively
5. Rank Sumire 8 before sending Sae calling card then, 9 and 10 are unlocked automatically.
A few things to Note on this process is; To get it done, you must meet 3 or 4 conditions as listed above.
Sumire fight

A Few Things To Note and follow

  • Make sure to Rank 7 – Prefer Sumire to others
  • Rank 8 – Agree to a rematch.
  • Rank 10 – Reminder of the glove
  • After Shido Palace – Remember the promise

awekening Sumire

Sumire Third Awakening Date

Although Sumire awakens, she does not join the party until January 2nd, before leaving again and returning and officially joining on January 12th.

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