How to crack Fortnite Accounts in 5 Steps | 2024 Guide

There can be vulnerabilities in Fortnite accounts that people like to exploit. In the course of this article, we would be looking at how to crack Fortnite accounts in 2024. Without further mouthing, let us delve in.


What is a Cracked Fortnite Account?

Before you know the meaning of a cracked Fortnite account, it is important to note that it is not a full access account. This means that the Fortnite cracked account has been hacked and there are chances that the owner might still get them back.

A Fortnite cracked account is usually obtained by someone who knows the Ip addresses of account owners and ran a check to filer out their emails and passwords. This is pretty much like stealing a Fortnite account that is why they sell it so cheap.

5 Simple Steps to Crack a Fortnite Account in 2024

The first and most important thing for a player to do is to use a virtual machine or a sandbox to stay safe. Here we go with the simple steps.

Step 1: Download all Necessary files

But before you start your journey into cracking a Fortnite account, here are some important files that you would  need to download with their links:

A Forc Fortnite checker with this URL

Then lastly, a Fortnite skin checker that is cracked from this URL

For all these three things that you need to download, the player would need to sign in and register.

Step 2: Unzip the Downloaded Files

After making the downloads, the next thing would be to unzip the “Forc Fortnite checker” zip file. After which, the player would need to go to -> Right-click on the “FortniteCracker.exe”.  The next inevitable step would be to run the file by clicking “Run Sandboxed”. Then a cmd interface would open, though it would take some time to load.


After the cmd has loaded, there are 2 options that the person that wants to crack the Fortnite account would see:

  • Fast Check
  • Full Info Check

Step 3: Select a Combo and a Proxy

If you want to select the combo, the person would need to Type “1” into the Cmd interface.

The next thing would be to select a proxy list for cracking the Fortnite accounts. You can choose to either use the HTTPS or SOCKS 5 proxy to do this. You can also go online to source proxies that you would need.

If the player wants to select the SOCKS 5 proxy list, they would need to type “1” in the Cmd interface.  Also, if they want to select the second proxy choice which is HTTPS, they would have to type in “2”.

They would send a prompt to ask if the person would like to make use of threads. The response to give in the interface should be “Yes”. It is best for the person wanting to crack Fortnite accounts to choose 100 threads by typing “100”.

This would now check for accounts and might take a while depending on how long the combo list and proxies of the player is.

You can check for the progress of the aforementioned action by checking the status in the task of the cmd.
After all the required accounts have been checked, the person would get a txt file that is named “Hits_no_info.txt”. you would need to copy or drag this file to special folder or somewhere on your desktop computer.

Step 4: Unzip the “Fortnite Skinchecker.rar” file

The next step to take would be to unzip the “FortniteSkinChecker.rar” and then right-click on it. Afterward, you would be prompted to click on the login button. After more clicks, you would then see a menu option after you have logged in. Then click on the “combo” option and then select the “Hits_no_info.txt”. When you reach the option for the proxy type, select the proxy that you have. It is best to go for the 100 threads here. Afterward, the next step would be to click on the “start” option.

This would now check all the accounts that are in the box to show the person a list of Fortnite skins that are in the good accounts. It is important to note that this trick only shows accounts that have skins and pickaxes, and not default skin accounts.

Step 5: Check your Fortnite account

After all the Fortnite accounts have been checked, the persons would get a folder inside the folder that the “FortniteSkinChecker-patched.exe” is located. This would usually be named something that looks like this thread: Results_15-46-28_05.08. When you open it, you would need to take a look at the “Good_Accounts.txt” file. If you have any cracked Fortnite accounts that have any skins, they would be written there. You can then go on to test them to see if they work.

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