Edit Faster in Fortnite

How to Edit Faster in Fortnite, PS4 and Xbox 2024

So, today we will be teaching you How to edit Faster in Fortnite. Fortnite is an interesting game that makes players spend long hours trying to make fast edits in it. Sometimes, editing in Fortnite can be a bit sloppy and can cause frustration with the efforts.


To be able to edit fast in Fortnite, a player would need to have a high skill level, which would take a lot of practice and mastery. In the course of this article, we would be looking at a definitive guide on how to make faster edits in your Fortnite game.

How to Use The Optimal Edit Keybind to Edit Faster in Fortnite

For a player to be able to make quick edits in the game, they would need to have a  good keybind. The best recommendation for this is to use the key that is close to the W-key for movement. This is because a player can easily access this key with their index fingers.

Another cool option for the keybinds is the F or E key as this is most ideal for beginner Fortnite players.
Another interesting key bind is the Left Shift which can be pressed with your pinky finger. But this key bind can sometimes prove to be inefficient, especially when the player wants to make multiple edits in a row. At least the level of control a person has over the index finger cannot be compared to that of the pinky finger.

Another interesting key bind is the use of key G which is actually the default key for editing. The only problem with it is that it is far from the movement keys. Which makes the key not to be a better choice than the already reviewed E and F.?

How To use Small Movements for faster Editing

In the Fortnite game editing, one obvious thing is the very large and exaggerated mouse movements that always occur. This would make the Fortnite player feel as if though they were doing too much. But truth is, the use of mouse for editing is a bad technique. You would always lose control of the camera and won’t be able to position to Fortnite character very well and know what you are doing.

Correct Crosshair Position for Faster Editing


With a bad crosshair position in the Fortnite editing, you would have your crosshair on the other side of the tile than want to edit.  But with a good crosshair position, you would improve the speed of your editing as the crosshair would be where you intend it to be.  The best way to improve your crosshair positioning in Fortnite is to practice slow. And after you make an edit, simply position the cross at the next edit.

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Improve your Editing Speed by Practicing Slow

One of the best ways to increase your editing speed is to practice typing slowly. It is just similar to trying to learn how to play a guitar. This principle can also be employed when trying to learn how to edit faster in the Fortnite video game. Most players just want to start off being fast with their edits just right away. What is the point of being fast with Fortnite in-game edits, when you have a sloppy technique?

Practice Fast Editing in the Fortnite Game

The moment you have mastered the ability to make cool Fortnite edits the slow way, you can move on to speeding things up. Sometimes most Fortnite players can go as far as pushing their limits to see that they are the best in speedy Fortnite edits. A player needs to up the pace and stretch their editing limits so that they can become better in what they do.

If you have been walking while making Fortnite edits, now is the time to speed up. A player can also opt for the speed boost pads, which make the character to move even faster and force them to increase the speed of your edits. Then when you edit at a normal pace, you would notice that the Fortnite editing feels a bit slower and you would have spare time to make perfect edits.


There are so many things that a player can do to increase their Fortnite editing speed. But there is no need to rush into the process.  You need to put in some efforts, be patient and trust in the progress that you would make over time.

You would come to terms with the fact that there are always new things to learn when it comes to Fortnite edits.  Did you know the fastest Fortnite pro player and the fastest Fortnite editor had to put in a lot of hours to master the art of fast editing?

The best thing you can do as a Fortnite editor is to relax and focus on steps that you need to reach your desired speed.


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