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How to get Keys in Rocket League 2023 With 3 Methods

One of the most interesting in-game mechanics of rocket league is crates. Tin the rocket league, they offer a lot of fun stuff, ranging from BMDs to BMGEs and even cool painted gear. The major point is that crates can be hard to open in the game.


This is why there is a need for keys in this scintillating rocket league game. The truth is, to open a crate in the rocket league game costs money, but in the course of this article, we would be walking you through a guide on how to get keys in the game. This guide would take you through how to get keys in the game without paying for it.

How to Buy Keys in Rocket League

The easiest way to get a key in rocket league is actually the most straightforward one. At least, there are three major ways that a player can get keys in the rocket league game. With other methods, there are high chances that you might get scammed. This easy method involves using the Rocket league in-game system to purchase keys directly.

This is regarded as the 100% safe way to get keys in the video game. There are no middlemen or any sort of shortages in this step. It is just an instantaneous procedure that would motivate the player to indulge with their wallets.

Getting Rocket League Keys from an Outside Source

You must have heard about third-party websites that sell keys and all of that. There are dozens of sites out there that opine that they offer keys for free or for sale, but I am here to differ. Most of the sites are not reputable, so if you decide to follow this path to get some rocket league key, then good luck.

In other ways, a player can decide to trade in-game rocket league items for keys. Some of the advantages of using external sources is that you don’t have to pay any money to access it. But the major disadvantage is that the rocket league player might end up getting scammed.

What About Promotions?

The rocket league game does not favor its gamers by selling keys cheap to them; they only do a little trick with their in-game promotions for their players. This is why they come out to promote their odd “off” keys.


All they do is involve decryptors that allow players to open a crate and get stuff that is untradeable. You can go for this option and wind up with a wheel which you might not like. You might get items in the promotions that you might never use forever in the rocket league game. These events pop up every now and then and involve the player getting free keys or their look-alikes.

The quantity of the key that a player gets largely depends on the event that the game devs host.

What you Should Never Try

There is a good reason why I put up these three options and not other thousands of options that you might have heard about. The sole reason is that there are a lot of alternatives that are seriously terrible ideas for getting keys in the rocket league game. Most of this methods and hacks for getting keys in rocket league might get you banned, scammed or reported.

I am going to list of few of the key-getting hacks that you have been seeing around on the internet.

How to get Keys in Rocket League for Free

Rocket league free keys? Laughable, well, most of time, someone from a youtube channel or a twitch stream can offer free keys for the rocket league game. They are most certainly telling lies about the keys. Most of these streamers make use of weird-off party apps, duplicate glitches, and ghosting items or anything like that. So, as much as we know, there are free keys in rocket league just yet.

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These are almost everywhere online. This is not only common with websites but also with other rocket league players out there. And for also some reputable sites, some people that trade are scammers and are just after the credit card numbers of unsuspecting players.


This one is super interesting because it literally means breaking conventional rules. This involves using unconventional methods to get the keys in the rocket league game. There are some ways to hack and access keys in the game, but if you are caught, you might get into big trouble.


In conclusion, I strongly believe that with this guide, you have gotten a full grasp of the best way to get keys in the rocket league game. There are just three ways that person can get the aforementioned keys in the rocket league game. Sometimes you would need to spend money to get keys, and sometimes, you don’t. Either way, if you cherish the game and don’t want to incur any ban from in-game malpractices, it is best to follow the best route to get a key in the game.


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