How to Spectate in Fortnite 2024 | Watch Your Friends Play

There are so many cool features that have been introduced into the Fortnite game of late. Especially in Fortnite chapter 2 whereby a player can spectate in the game while they are waiting in a lobby. So, you’d be learning How to Spectate in Fortnite game today.


Before now, there were some discrepancies regarding whether players could hop in with one another and play at different times. Most of the time, in the Fortnite game, players prefer to play a game while their friends were in one already.

How to Spectate in Fortnite?

The confusion here is that Fortnite allows players to join parties with their friends who are in a game already. Truth is, you are only allowed to wait for a friend to finish their game or start one of your own. Although the Fortnite game developers allow players to do some things and keep themselves entertained when they join a friend’s game party. This is better than backing out and starting your own game.

At the time of making this change, the feedback from the Fortnite gaming community was positive and the addition was welcomed. Now players are allowed to be able to spectate each other while in lobby in Fortnite. Though there are conditions to this.

The condition here is that the player must have been in the game for at least 30 seconds. This is so that people don’t spectate before the drop.

One of the major disadvantages of this feature in Fortnite is that the player cannot spectate a game if another party member is inactive in that game.


Can Fortnite Bots Spectate?


The bots in Fortnite act in a similar manner to regular human beings. This is used to aid the regular match-making system in the game. In the Fortnite game, when you are killed by a bot, you would spectate on a different article and not the bot.

Why can’t I spectate on my Friends in Fortnite?

You can only spectate when your team members have been in a game for at least 30 seconds. If your friends are starting a match at the island, you would not be able to spectate them also.

What is the meaning of the eye in the Fortnite game?

In the Fortnite game, the eye is a graphic indicator of the number of people that are spectating you in a particular match. You can turn of the eye feature in your Fortnite settings.

How do you know if someone is spectating you in the game?

In the Fortnite game, when other players are spectating you, there is a graphic representation that comes in the form of an eye. It is at the bottom left corner of the graphic user interface of the Fortnite game.

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How can players get the spectator cheat?

With the command/ game mode spectator, a player can enter the spectator mode. The cheat can also be gotten by dying in hardcore mode or by simply making use of F3+ N with the creative mode enabled.

What is the “Spectator limit has been reached”?

The Fortnite game developers designed the game in a way that only a limited number of players could enter a match. This meant that the moment the limit of the number of people watching a game has reached, no more spectators would be allowed.

This means that the wanna-be spectator can try again when nobody is watching the game.


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