Fortnite: Where to Place a Bioscanner in an Alien Biome

Just a few years ago, the Bioscanner was introduced to Fortnite as a new item. It is the first item of its kind to be released in the game and it has gone through many changes since its original release. Where should you place your bioscanner? Where are biomes on Fortnite? How do you find biomes on Fortnite? This article will answer all these questions and more!


What is a Bioscanner

Fortnite was introduced to the world with a variety of weapons and items. One of the coolest features was the biomes. As time went on, biomes became less like a decorative item, and more like a living organism that needed to be researched. Biomes can be found in lots of places.
Do you remember the glitch that allowed players to enter the Arc Zone? Where in that area of the map would you find a biome? There was an entire area that looked like there was an alien lifeform inside of it. The following is a list of possible biomes to expect to find on the map. Normal : This is the standard Fortnite biome.
You will find lots of trees and plants that make up a lush environment. It is similar to the desert biome that appears in much of the older entries to the Fortnite series.

How to Find Biomes in Fortnite

The biome map in Fortnite is divided into five different zones. These zones are divided into two separate regions. These regions are the West and East Regions. The first region is called “Tundra”. This region can be found by looking for the rift rift in the Fortnite map and the central storm circle.
The rift will be the first point in the map and if you circle around the rift, the second point of the map will be the border of the forested area. The area that begins after the rift is the small rift near the Fortnite Shrine.
Where to Place a Bioscanner in an Alien Biome
If you venture into the forested area after finding the rift, you will see two biomes, which you can see below. There are two biomes that can be found in this area of the map.

Where to Place a Bioscanner on Fortnite

Biomes are a cool concept that took hold in gaming when the initial biome concept was introduced to Half-Life 2. Biomes are areas of the world where different plants and animals live, thriving or dying depending on their environment.
This concept was originally used to mimic the geography of other parts of the world but can be used to create fresh environments in a game. We’ve already seen biomes in Fortnite so you can see them pop up randomly on a Fortnite map.
They seem to be the most common types of biome and they are usually found near water. Biomes are hidden by the environment and you won’t see them unless you scan an area. They are also not actually Bioscanned but their type is defined by the location of the biome.

Use the Bioscanner on Regular Terrain


Bioscanner and biomes are most effective when placed on normal terrain. These are the plains, jungles, towns, forests, mountains and deserts. A biome will generally drop every 50 square feet. Biomes are the most common way for players to find chests and crafting parts.
You may want to keep an eye out for chests near biomes. Use the Bioscanner on Elevated Terrain You should avoid using the bioscanner on elevated terrain.
The chance of survival is greatly reduced. While elevations are generally higher than the normal, biome-based areas, there are exceptions. Fortnite works with an altitude scale, with the lowest point of the map located at the crater. These biomes are located at the very top of the map. Many of the biomes on this map are restricted due to high altitude.

Use the Bioscanner on Urban Terrain

As a player, you are most likely going to want to place the Bioscanner on your camp or in the town center. It is best to get the weapon that you are trying to find as close to that biome as you can. A biomespec is the best place to place it, since it is usually close to the town.
That being said, be careful, because the craftable biome’s weapons are powerful, and it is quite possible to get stuck and killed by someone coming around a corner. Use the Bioscanner in Fortnite’s three biome categories: Forest Shoreline Aquatic Both are easier to scan and pick up Biomespec weapons.
The forest biome has the highest amount of biome weapons and Biome Headquarters, and the most Biome-Specific items on the planet.

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Use the Bioscanner on an Alien Biome

After you’ve run out of other items to collect, the Bioscanner is the best way to get your hands on precious resources such as 1.) Wood 2.) Flour 3.) Metal You can actually gather all of these materials by themselves, but sometimes you’ll run out. Bioscanner is the best way to obtain most of these items since you can quickly scan the environment for those rare materials.
Use the Bioscanner on Mesas Mesas are the largest structures on the map. If you want more items like metal, wood, and flour, you’ll need to hunt these things down. What better way than to scan the map and make it easier to find them? When you’re scanning for these things, try to scan for biomes. When scanning a biome, you’ll have to be on the outskirts of the biome.


If you are still having trouble finding some biomes, check out this guide for reference. These examples are specifically to show how each biome map will behave and do not intend to be 100% accurate for every biome, but it should get you pretty close! Make sure you also read the Biome Map Converter for some more helpful references if you need to know where each biome is located on the map. Have a great rest of your season 5 Fortnite season 5!


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