Apex Legends Party Leader Quit, Party Not Ready – How to Fix Them

Since the launch of the Apex legends video game, there are lots of error messages that players receive in the game. At least, there are three very common errors that players are posed within the Apex legends game. In the course of this article, we would be showing you why these error messages are not a big deal.
Here are very actionable solutions to the three most common errors that players face in the game.


How to fix Party Not Ready message in Apex Legends

How to fix Party Not Ready message in Apex Legends
This is a common error message that often appears when a player is trying to enter the Apex legends video game. The Party not ready error can occur when a game player is hoping or solo queuing with a full party. It is then, that this message would pop up while the player is waiting for a game match to load.
If a gamer should receive this message, what they need to do is to restart the Apex legends game. We are talking about completely closing the apex legend game and starting everything altogether. The only fuss is that you might en up jumping right into another game after doing this, which can be sometimes time-consuming.
For Apex legends gamer that wants to restart the whole game, they can do this by accessing the game menu or the settings button. This can be found on the lower part of the gaming platform’s user interface.
When you exit the screen, go back to the lobby. Whenever the aforementioned buttons does not work, simply press the “return to the main menu” button.
If you playing an apex legends game with your friends, just leave the party. Definitely, when you join the party again, the problem in the game would be fixed. A gamer can also opt to leave the match and have other friends rejoined them in the in-game lobby. All the player needs to do is to head over to a new invite.
Another trick that can be used is to try to access you in-game friends list in the same location of the screen in the lower right corner. When you enter the screen, you then back out and return to the loading screen of Apex legends. This might stop the message from appearing, and if it does not, you would need to restart the game. If this procedure does not prove fruitful, the player can opt to restart the console or the game client.

How to fix Apex Legends Party Leader Quit message


How to fix Apex Legends Party Leader Quit message
This is yet another interesting error message that usually appears before a match starts or after a game is played. This is one of the most annoying errors that a player can get in the game (party leader quit)
The “party not ready” message is a popular error that comes up when the player has been AFK for some time. When you press “continue” on the game screen, you should be able to return to the pre-match screen without any fuss. If that does not work, you can experiment on some of the ideas that were discussed in the “party not ready error.”
Another interesting way to stop the error message is by going to the main menu.
If this error pops up in the middle of a game, you can chose to ignore it. But if it becomes intrusive and starts disrupting your ability to play a game, you might need to leave the Apex legends game. All you need to do is to restart the Apex legends after that, so that the error would not repeat itself.
In a scenario were the game just ends and the Party leader quit message comes up again, restart the apex legends game and who knows, you might even need to need to restart the entire game client or console.

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How to fix Out of Sync with the Server error

How to fix Out of Sync with the Server error
This is the third and most interesting error that most gamers get in the apex legends game.
Out of Sync with the server” error is one that makes gamers to think that the error is coming from the server or that the server is under maintenance. Truth is, it has an easy fix.  To be able to fix this game error, the player would need to open the “Apex Legends”, then, navigate to the settings menu> click on the video tab of the game.
To down the list that is indicated “Texture Streaming Budget”, and set it to “none”. What this setting does is to perform an analysis of how fast it would take to load the texture for you and your friend if you a gaming with a PC.  This test determines whether the game would freeze if you are in an intense fight or trying to pull off some extraordinary moves.


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