4 Ways of How to Fix Memory Error 13 71 on Xbox One, PC, PS4 : Cod Memory Error Fixed

4 Ways of How to Fix Memory Error 13 71 on Xbox One, PC, PS4 : Cod Memory Error Fixed

Memory error 13 71 is one common error users of Xbox encounter…and you probably would be wondering how do I fix memory error 13-71 Xbox one? Today we bring you a step-by-step guide on how to fix memory error 13 71 on box one. Our piece today comes with clear pictures on how to get cod memory error 13-71 Xbox one fixed permanently with just a few steps.
The Warzone Memory Error 13-71 is one error that locks gamers out of the game and affects Cod Modern Warfare reboot as well as its new Fortnite style Battle Royale mode, Warzone. Meanwhile, players can either choose to play offline or hit a button that exits the game completely. Though we are still waiting for the provision of official tips from the makers – we still assume that the issue is server related although it is likely not totally eliminated at this time. This has persisted but the good news is ‘Activision Support team has acknowledged this error and is working towards fixing it as well.


What Is Error 13 71 and How Does it Affect Gamers?

The error stops players on (mostly Xbox One) from loading up Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone. Error 13 71 pops up when gamers try to open – either title, a message reads: “Memory Error: 13-71“. Apparently, the glitch affects fans who have joined Regiments – the title’s in-game clan system.
So, Some users frequently report getting notified of the error message after they were unknowingly added to a Regiment, rather than accepting a Regiment invite.
There is no official solution to this like we have said before, however, we have come up with a few practicable methods of fixing this error. There is no guarantee that our methods here will completely eliminate the issue but it will take it off in the mean-time. So, without much ado, let’s get the different methods of call of duty memory error 13-71 Xbox one.

This is How to Fix Memory Error 13 71 on Xbox One

We will be bringing several methods here today to help you fix cod memory error 13-71 Xbox one. Like we had mentioned, there is no official fix for this error just yet but experts in the field had to come up with a few solutions and here we bring them today.

Method 1: Use a different Xbox Live account.

This is one remedy that actually works for many Xbox gamers and we had to bring it first. All you to do is create a new account make available a new Gamertag. Open a multiplayer after finishing the first step. Next is, press the Xbox button then move to the left till you find your old Gamertag that is connected to the memory error and switch to your old Gamertag. Now, allow the Regiment you are part of in the Social the menu of the game. The game should be perfectly working now afterward.

Method 2: Disable Crossplay and leave a Regiment.

Here is another method to pick from if the first isn’t working for you. This time you can try is to trick the game by turning off Crossplay and then turn it back on. When you are on the game and still getting the error 13-71, “press the B button” to select “offline“. Once that is done, go to account settings, find Crossplay and disable it. Then go back to the main menu to try playing online again. Once you get the error that the Crossplay feature must be enabled, back out. Now, go to the Social menu, leave your Regiment, then re-enable Crossplay under Settings again.

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Method 3: Delete saved game data


Try to delete your Warzone game data to see if it will helps. Below are the steps to follow and get it done.

  • Xbox Home>> go to Settings
  • Go to System>> and select Storage
  • Click on Manage storage on the right-hand side of the screen>> and choose View contents
  • Highlight the game>>Now, press the Menu button>> and then select Manage game
  • Click on Saved data on the left-hand side of the screen
  • Click a game to access the game’s saved data
  • Here you can choose the file to delete; Remember to view the file information to make sure you don’t delete the wrong file.

Method 4: Delete and Install Back Warzone

We will only ask you to do this if all other listed option hasn’t worked. It doesn’t necessarily bring any guarantee but deleting and re-installing warzone can eliminate errors.

This is How to fix Memory Error 13-71 PC

The memory error has persisted not just in Xbox but PC and PS4 as well. So, just like we’ve worked round to bring home several solutions in Xbox, we have equally gathered some for PC users. Meanwhile, PC users may not have different options here to choose from as we only bring a method here.
The only method that has helped PC gamers to fix the memory error 13-71 is to delete and re-install Modern Warfare on Blizzard’s Battlenet launcher – Run the newly updated game on safe mode.
NOTE: While the game is in safe mode players should be able to fetch their online profile and leave their bugged Regiment/ block all future invitations before rebooting the game as normal without further errors.

This is How to Fix Memory Error 13-71 on PS4

Like other platforms, users also encounter memory error 13-71 on PS4. Thanks to our Genuiz Media gaming gurus for bringing this solution to help fix it.
Once you hit up with the 13-71 notice, you will have to shut down the Modern Warfare application and go offline in Network settings, before opening it again.
A “connection failed” notice will pop up and from here you will have to Follow our Steps below:

  • Close The Modern Warfare application First
  • Go Offline in Network settings and reload the game once again
  • Select Go Offline from the option
  • Connect the game to the internet once again
  • Now, Leave any Regiment and block Regiment invitations as you proceed

We suggest to prevent this from happening any further, you should leave any Regiment you may have joined previously and block any future invitations until the issue has completely eliminated. However, the makers are currently searching for solutions and hopefully, the memory error 13-71 modern warfare xbox one will be a thing of the past with time.


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