How to Summon the Best Horse in Minecraft Game

In the Minecraft game, horses are simply passive mobs that a player can ride when they are tamed. Horses usually spawn in the game in plains and savannas in herds of 2 to 6. In any particular herd of horses, they usually have the same markings and color. In the course of this article, we would be reviewing the appearance of the horses in Minecraft, their usage, and interestingly, how a player can spawn the best horse in the Minecraft game.


Understanding the Appearance of Horses in the Game

How to Summon the Best Horse in Minecraft1
In the course of subsequent paragraphs, we would try to understand what horses look like in the Minecraft game. For a Minecraft horse, there are at least 35 different colorations. These colorations are based on colors such as buckskin, dapple gray, dark bay, bay, flaxen chestnut, and black. The colors of these horses also vary in ways by which they differ with markings.
It is important to note that horses in Minecraft have a stocky build, at least they have from 1 to 7 base colors and 1 to 5 marking patterns.

How do Horses Drop in Minecraft?

It is important to note that horses usually drop and give off some important materials that would be important to the gamer.
For instance, upon the death of a horse in Minecraft, leather can drop, wherewith the maximum amount of leather increases by in respect to the level of looting. A horse can also drop from 1 to 3 exp when it is killed by a player or tamed wolf.  If the horse that died was equipped with armor, it would then drop horse armor.
In the case where it was equipped with a saddle, the horse would now drop a saddle.  It is important to note that when you kill a horse in Minecraft, you would not get either experience or any item.

Understanding the Usage of Horses in the Minecraft game


spawn the best horse in the Minecraft game
Whether a Minecraft horse is tamed or saddled, it can be used as a means of transport. When used in the Minecraft game, it can jump higher than the player and even run faster.
A gamer can also use horses to climb hills or jump fences. There are even horses in Minecraft that can jump as high as five block heights. That is huge compared to the jump that a player can do which is just one.

What is the Best Horse in Minecraft?

There are lots of good horses in the Minecraft game. Also, there are ways to get and use them to the advantage of the player. The purpose of this article was to review how to spawn the best horse in Minecraft. That is why we want to dedicate this paragraph to reviewing what the best horse is.
However, the best horse in the Minecraft game is the Black Pegasus. The Black Pegasus in Minecraft is the fireproof variant of the Pegasus and can be considered to be one of the fastest horses in the Minecraft game.  It is important for a gamer to know that the black Pegasus horse lives and spawns in caves.
It is a horse type that is usually covered with total darkness. When it comes as a mob, it can be very hostile and a Minecraft player cannot tame it, if it was found in the wild.
Some of the interesting stats of a black Pegasus that makes it the best horse in Minecraft are the following:

  • Speed- 1-3
  • Health – 25 hearts
  • Temper of horse- 800

How to Spawn the Black Pegasus in the Minecraft game

How to Spawn the Black Pegasus in the Minecraft game
Like I stated earlier, a player can find a black Pegasus where it spawns in a cave in a cave. One of the ways to tame a black Pegasus in the Minecraft game is to feed it with an essence of darkness.
There are other alternatives to taming a black horse, and this involves the use of a black cloud that has an essence of darkness to feed the horse.  It is easier for a player to do this in the creative mode, but super risky in the survival mode.

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Understanding how Horses behave in the Minecraft Video Game

One of the most notable behaviors of horses is aimless wandering. But most of the time, they stop to rear, flick their tails or even lower their heads to eat grass in the game.
Unlike the sheep game character, there eating mechanics does not allow them to consume any grass. When a player approaches a horse, they can be attached to a lead without protest. Although one common feature of a wild horse is that it flails its forelegs if it is saddled.
They also make whinnying and neighing sounds when ridden in the Minecraft game.  Adult horses in Minecraft, cannot ride in boats, unlike the passive mobs of that can slowly gain their health. Finally, in regards to the behavior of horses, they would always remain passive, even when hit in the Minecraft game.


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