Biomes for Diamonds in Minecraft

5 Best Biomes for Diamonds in Minecraft

Here we are with the five best biomes for diamonds in Minecraft. Diamonds are found in many biomes in Minecraft, but not all of them. In order to find the best biome for diamonds, you will need to know what type of diamond you’re looking for.


The two types of mining diamonds are carbonado and euclase. Carbonado is a rarer diamond that can be found within the stone layer deep underground, while euclase can only be mined from gravel outside the stone layer. Below we have listed some of the best biomes where these diamonds can be found!

5 Best Biomes to Find Diamonds in Minecraft

1. Stone Layer

The stone layer is where you can find the carbonado diamond. One of the best biomes to mine this type of diamond is underground in a ravine biome, as it will have plenty of lava and water nearby for smelting purposes.

If you cannot reach these deep depths then one way to still get your hands on a carbonado diamond is through using an ore detector! Little wonder this had to come up first on our list of Best Biomes for Diamonds in Minecraft.

2. Above Ground

These Euclase diamonds are found outside of the stone layer, only in gravel blocks that are exposed to rain or rivers with sand above them. Although there aren’t too many places within Minecraft that meet these requirements, one place worth mentioning would be in spawn chunks due to their abundance of natural resources such as coal, iron, and gold.

3. Desert

Midway through our list of Best Biomes for Diamonds in Minecraft is Desert. Yes, you can find diamonds in the desert in Minecraft. As a matter of fact, the desert is one of the best biomes for diamonds found outside in gravel blocks exposed to rain or rivers with sand above them. If you happen across a patch of these conditions then it’s worth looking out for a euclase diamond!

4. Extreme Hills/Mesa

This biome offers plenty of rare metals that are used in high-tier crafting recipes such as platinum and palladium which help find those valuable carbonado diamonds deep underground within ravines, mineshafts, caves, etc.

These can often be mined by using a silk touch pickaxe on ore blocks found around lava pools where they spawn underground level. Lastly, this biome also has rich seams of coal so if you’re feeling adventurous you can try your luck in the lava pools!

5. Snowy Tundra


Although diamond is not often found here, it’s worth mentioning if you’re looking for euclase diamonds. The more common biomes like plains and forests are where they will spawn outside so lookout for a snow-covered biome with exposed gravel blocks to find one of these rare gems!

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Best Biome for Carbonado Diamonds

The dark stone/clay biomes, known as Quarries, are the best place to find carbonado diamonds since they can be mined directly from the ground. However, since they are underground, you will need to explore around the cave entrance to find them.

Quarries range from small camps to huge diggable caverns, making them one of the hardest biomes to survive in.

Carbonado Diamonds in Minecraft: It can be accessed by climbing over the massive natural boulders that cover it. The main field has several sections where you can mine these diamonds. The other sections have tunnels, but if you explore them, you will find many old chests.

Best Biome for Euclase Diamonds

Spoiler: Greenstone Probably the best biome to find diamond shards in Minecraft is the Greenstone Biome. This is the same biome that contains large chunks of stone, gems, and coal. However, this biome has many other useful resources as well.

Stone Quarry is a great place to start mining diamond shards, as it contains stacks of sandstone that can be converted to diamond sandstone. Combining this with cubic zirconia sandstone is the best way to make diamond and cubic zirconia sandstone.

Coal Stacks have a very high content of diamond and can be mined directly from the ground, without needing to create diamond materials. Coal Quarry can be mined once an ore block is placed in front of it.

Once you have found the best biome to mine diamonds, you will need to set up a diamond mining operation. You want a place where there is plenty of lava and water for your furnace and enough space on top of bedrock so that it does not collapse during your mining session.

We recommend setting this up in an area with trees as they serve two purposes; wood can be used for fuel while leaves are needed to craft paper which can be used as filters or blocks!


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