10 Best Food in Minecraft Ranked From Steak to Golden Carrot

Back in the early days of the survival mode in the Minecraft game, food was an in-game mechanic that could be used by players for health recovery. There was no such thing as a hunger level in the video game. In the course of the 2011 update, hunger was added alongside some other features.
Since the addition of the hunger level in the Minecraft game, farming is now a major part of the games survival world. Getting food in the Minecraft game can be particularly nightmarish since long adventures can be super tough.
It is best for a player to focus on how much foods level your item restores than to focus on the saturation which is equally very important.
So, what is the best food in Minecraft? Well, we would be looking at the 10 best foods that a player can find in the Minecraft video game.


10 Best Food in Minecraft Today

1. Cooked Porkchop

Cooked Porkchop
This is a nice food source that has one of the best saturation level of 12.8. it is also very much identical with the aforementioned food that has similar stats with it. With nice pork chops, you can sustain your player character long enough to complete a Minecraft mission. The pork chops are gotten from pigs, and these pigs can be breed with carrots instead of wheat.

2. Steak

This food source in Minecraft has a saturation of 12.8 and can be used to sustain the hunger level and saturation of any Minecraft player. Although, it is important for a player to note that finding herds of cow for making food is very much uncommon.
Although they are a good source of beef and other useful items to Minecraft players. When you kill a cow in the Minecraft game, you would get at least 1-3 raw beef. If the need arises, the Minecraft player can also feed the beef to wolves to make them grow faster. Most interestingly, beef food fills up 4 food levels when consumed.

3. Baked Potato

Baked Potato
The baked potato food in Minecraft interestingly has a saturation level of 6 and can fill the hunger level of a player quite tangibly. In the game, there is a 0.83% chance that zombies and some of their variants can drop a potato.

4. Cooked Salmon

The cooked salmon food has a saturation level of 9.6 and can fill three hunger levels. All the player needs to do is head to the water with a fishing rod and get a decent amount of salmon fish.

5. Cooked Mutton

Cooked Mutton
The cooked mutton in minecraft has a saturation level of 9.6. A sheep In the Minecraft video game can attract at least 1-2 raw mutton chops. This makes it one of the most common food items that a player can stock up in the Minecraft game.
Another interesting fact is that cooked mutton can be easily found across most of the biomes in Minecraft. They are easy to bread and find, so getting one as if sauce is not really a problem. In the Minecraft game, it is important for players to know that every survival playthrough requires some space that is dedicated to animal keeping.

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6. Cooked Chicken


Chickens are very much common in the game and are an easy-to-bread animal mob. They provide Minecraft players with eggs, meat, and most of the time some good feathers. It is important to note that chickens in the game only require seeds to breed.  This implies that a player should be able to possess a couple of chickens.

7. Cooked Food

Cooked Food
This is yet another interesting food source that provides players with a saturation level of 6. It offers Minecraft players decent food stats that can carry them well in the game. A player can easily get en masse from a fish trap and use it to make cooked food. If the Minecraft player is close to an ocean block, they can build around 4 and have a good number of fish spawn inside it.

8. Dandelion/ Blue Orchid Suspicious Stew

Dandelion/ Blue Orchid Suspicious Stew
This is an interesting food that gives players a saturation of 7.2. This food type in Minecraft is readily available as mushrooms, which is the number one ingredient for producing it can be found in caves and biomes.
A player can also opt to add a flower to the recipe to make it a suspicious stew. When you go on to add a dandelion or a blue orchid, you would increase the level of saturation of the player.

9. Golden Apple

Golden Apple
Lots of arguments as to if Golden Apple the best food in Minecraft? When a player is venturing into exploring caves and dealing with mobs, the Golden Apple is the best food resource. Although this food in Minecraft does not restore the hunger level back as anticipated but is good for starters. It has a food level of 2 and a saturation of 9.6. the Golden apple food is unique and effective in its own ways.
For a player to be able to craft a golden apple, they would need an apple and 8 golden ingots. You will get 2 hearts and 2 absorption levels should you eat the golden apple. It is important to note that this item can be used for breeding horses.

10. Bread

This particular food is interestingly okay as it has a food level of 5 and a saturation level of 6. To be able to craft the bread food in Minecraft, the player would need 3 wheat. In majority of the game play-through, bread is a staple.
A player can certainly produce bread as long as there is some spare wheat, as this provides tangible foods and good saturation levels.

The Difference Between Food Level and Saturation in Minecraft

Knowing the difference between these two in-game mechanics is very important for any Minecraft player. Especially if the player is having a challenge with keeping the food bar full. Saturation is the best way to solve hunger level that keeps reducing.
It is a hidden value that most Minecraft foods have. When a player eats saturated food, it would cause the hunger level to only deplete slowly. Also, following a particular order for foods is the best way to increase the efficiency of your Minecraft game character. In light of this, here are the 10 best foods every Minecraft player should try out.


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