Top 4 Warframe Wisp Abilities and Where Wisp Abilities Work

The female version of Warframes is called wisps. A Wisp is a Warframe that has a lot of powerful abilities that make it a bit invisible to its enemies. For her and her companions, she can choose to be invisible to enemies until she uses her weapon to deal a devasting blow. After landing a strike with her weapon, her invisibility cloak does not wear off immediately. This would allow the Wisp Warframe to be continually invisible.
Still on the invisibility of the Warframe wisp, her invisibility is not affected by melee weapon strikes, this is why she can freely make use of them.
In the course of this article, we would be looking at the best abilities of the female wisp Warframe as of today.


What are Wisp abilities in Warframe?

Warframe Wisp abilities
The abilities of wisps can be seen as special skills that they possess that give them a tactical edge over their enemies. Every Warframe including wisps has just four unique abilities that are programmed to directly influence their gameplay.
It is important to note that most of the abilities of the wisp Warframe need energy. And the wisp Warframes have a very limited amount of energy. The cost of energy though varies between different wisp abilities.
So this implies that the more the ability of a wisp, the more energy it would cost to use that ability.
What is the general classification of abilities in Warframe
classification of abilities in Warframe
The general abilities of Warframes are broadly categorized into four types which are; damage, mobility, debuff and buff, and perception. Let us use the below paragraphs to expound on the four classes of abilities for a Warframe with the wisp being inclusive.

The Damage ability

This Warframe ability class can be seen as the most common type in the game. It is used to deal very direct damage to enemies and as a plus have a secondary effect.

Buff and Debuff ability

The buff and debuff ability is another interesting ability that is possessed by all Warframes. It is usually used to cripple or weaken an enemy. Sometimes, this Warframe ability can be used both at the same time.

Mobility ability of a Warframe

This is an ability that is usually used to travel between two points in time. It is mostly used by wisp Warframes to gain access to places that are inaccessible in the game.


Perception ability

This is an ability that is mostly used by wisp Warframes to distract enemies from engaging with them directly. This makes the enemies of the player fall into the hands of false targets or not even see the wisp Warframe player at all.

The Top 4 Warframe Wisp Abilities

1. Reservoirs

This is the first and most important ability of the wisp warframe. This wisp ability is used to summon a reservoir that is filled with motes that are attached to help the-wisp warframe and her in-game allies. It is important for a gamer to know that the energy cost for using this ability in the game is 25.
When the motes are summoned in the game by the wisp warframe, they are used to increase the movements and attack speed of the warframe. Another interesting thing that increases is the maximum health and heals of the-wisp.

2. Wil-O-Wisp

This is an interesting ability that wisp warframes possesses. They use it to majorly cast a spectral image of themselves so that they can distract and confuse their enemies. The energy cost of using this interesting ability is 35. All the player needs to do is to hold down the image travel faster key and then teleport to a given position upon release. It Is important for a gamer to know that this ability usually lasts from 2.5 to 4 seconds in the game.
The Wil-O-Wisp ability is a popular one because it can be used to spawn a spectral copy of the wisp to fly into the last positions of the reticule when it is activated.

3. Breach Surge Wisp ability

This wisp ability is mainly used by gamers to overwhelm enemies. This make them release aggressive surge sparks whenever they are damaged. It is also very much possible for a wisp to make use of the breach surge ability to target a reservoir in the game and teleport it and increase the range of the surge.
One other interesting thing about this ability is that it is used to fracture the dimension to create an energy explosion that would expand to at least 16 radiuses.  This set radius is usually within the set location.  The energy cost of this incredible ability is 50.

4. The sol Gate wisp ability

This is a powerful ability that is exploited by gamers when they want to open the portal to the sun so that they can irradiate their enemies with a strong beam of pure solar plasma. It is important for a player to know that the energy cost of the use of this wisp ability is 25. This ability can be used to release curving flares that are over a length of 40 meters.


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