How to Get Warframe wisp blueprint

How to Get Warframe wisp blueprint 2023 in Few Steps

Welcome to another gaming tip, and this time we will be showing you How to Get Warframe wisp blueprint on console and pc. Undoubtedly one of the most amazing frames designs everyone cares about.


Wisp is the first Warframe design with no feet on her model; as a result of this; she floats above ground constantly, leaning to the direction of movement or staying floating upright when stationary. Limbo before her has unique rolling animations as well. This is Wisp for you.

Warframe wisp blueprint

Characteristics that make wisp stand out include;

  • Invisible in the air and swift on the ground
  • She moves like the wind
  • Summoner of the ethereal
  • Her grace is only balanced by her destruction
  • Silenced weapons will still remove her invisibility.

So, do not get lost in its wake, Tenno. So, without much ado, let’s get to it immediately.
getting Warframe wisp blueprint

This is How to Get Warframe wisp blueprint in 2023


Wisp’s main and components blueprints are gotten from defeating the Ropalolyst on The Ropalolyst, Jupiter. So, After defeating the Ropalolyst, the player will receive WispIcon272.png Wisp component blueprints and an Amalgam mod from five possible.

Different Warframe Blueprint and Chances of Getting Them

  • Systems Blueprint – 25.81%
  • Chassis Blueprint – 25.81%
  • Main Blueprint – 22.56%
  • Neuroptics Blueprint – 25.81%

Wisp Realease and Update

It was first released on May 22nd, 2019. Elusive. Eerie. Enigmatic. Haunting the spatial crossroads between dimensional doorways, the ethereal enchantress Wisp summons strange apparitions from beyond the breach. Sever her soul to escape death, steal the sight from enemy eyes, and vaporize all before the blaze of our celestial light. Wisp fully materialized in Update 25.0.
Warframe wisp blueprint

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What is Ropalolyst?

Ropalolyst is a gigantic bird-like Sentient boss capable of flight. It can be found in the Remastered Corpus Gas City on its own Assassination node on Jupiter, requiring players to have completed Chimera Prologue to battle it. It was dispatched by the Sentients to ensure Alad V does not double-cross their “partnership”, much to his displeasure.
Here is a Video Tutorial for you to follow:


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