How To Get a Cape in Minecraft 2024 – Simple Tips to Get Mincraft Cape

Wondering how do you get a Minecraft cape? This is a simple guide on how to get a cape in Minecraft. We’ve built a comprehensive content for you on how to make Minecraft capes.


Capes fondly called cloaks in Minecraft games are rare vanity materials worn in addition to players’ skin. Obtaining and wearing a cape gives a player that bragging rights. There are several simple tricks on how to get a Cape in Minecraft and here is it.

This is How To Get a Cape in Minecraft;

Getting custom capes is one of the difficult things in Minecraft which some people have already tagged impossible after several failed attempts. So, how do you get a cape on Minecraft? It is possible though and here is how to get a cape in Minecraft for free on different platforms without approaching the Minecraft store.

How to Get a Cape in Minecraft PC

Generally, getting Minecraft capes on PC is much easier. So, here is how to get a cape in Minecraft windows 10 and other operating systems.

Step 1:

Open the advance cape mod and scroll down to the advance capes mode download links. (Usually on the left corner of the bottom page).

Step 2:

Locate the version of your Minecraft. You would see a wide range of Minecraft versions ranging from 1.11 to the latest version.

Step 3:

Click on “Download from server 1” (below the Minecraft version). Now click on “Download” on the next page and it will start downloading.

Step 4:

Copy the file by clicking the mod JAR. You can use the control c command. Then open by double-clicking the app icon that looks like a block dirt.

Step 5:

Launch the app by clicking the “Launch option” in the top right corner of the window. Click on the “Latest Release”. Then click on the green arrow of the “Game Directory”.

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Step 6:


Now open the “Mod Folder” by double-clicking the “Mods” and press enter. Copy and paste in the mode file. Now, click a blank space in the “Mods” folder before pasting it.

Step 7:

Go back to the launcher home page and click on the “News” tab in the upper left corner. Start the Minecraft in the “forge profile”. Click “Forge” before clicking “Play” at the bottom of the window.

Step 8:

Create a new world or open one and your cape will automatically be added to your character. To view this character, you need to do switch the perspective to the third person.
That’s it.

How To Get a Cape in Minecraft Java Edition

Currently in Minecraft Java edition, there is no way of obtaining a cape on one’s own. However, there are many mods that allow Minecraft players to obtain at least a cape. It is always only visible to that one player or in some rare cases other players. Meanwhile, in some edition like Bedrock edition, there are amazing skins including capes. So, if you legitimately own a cape in java edition, you can put it on by accessing it from your own Minecraft profile. Players of Minecraft pocket edition can equip capes for their skins through character editor.

How To Get a Cape in Minecraft Xbox

Getting a cape in Xbox or PlayStation is actually the simplest of them all as you only need three simple steps.
Note: The only way to get a cape in a console is to purchase a skin pack that comes with a cape.

Step 1:

Simply scroll the Minecraft store and open it.

Step 2:

In the store menu, select a pack that comes with a cape. Skin pack 4 and Halloween pack contains a cape. Select and purchase a skin that costs about $1.99 each.

Step 3:

Finally, change your character’s skin by opening the world. Open the “Menu” and select Help and Option. Choose “Change Skin and select the very pack you bought with the character that has a cape.
That’s that about getting a cape in Minecraft Xbox.

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How to Get a Cape in Minecraft for Free

Here you have a chance of getting a cape with the latest update for Minecraft launcher. You may find out there is a cape but reading the instruction on how to unluck the cape you may end up being even more confused. Usually, it says “campaigns and other happy happenings”. You know that there is no campaign for Minecraft but expect Minecraft story mode which means that you have to play the game. You may end up not getting a cape in Xbox 360 but rather end up other “other happy happenings”. If you need to get a Minecraft cape, then you need to kill the wither and the ender dragon to earn the cape. But since the display message says “other happenings” that would mean more than just one. Meanwhile, this is a rare assumption by experts so it may not be necessarily right. Just give it a try though.


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