How to Get to Northrend From Stormwind Shadowlands

One of the most interesting places in the world of warcraft video game is the Nothrends. It is a fascinating northern icy continent of the world of Azeroth and is considered by the gaming community as the source of evil scourge. The Northrend continent in world of warcraft is home to Icecrown Citadel, which according to the game’s plot, is the seat of the Malevolent Lich king in the game.
In the course of this article, we would be learning how to get nothrends through the largest human city on Azeroth  (Stormwind). According to the game plot, after the third war, it became one of the largest human cities that embody the heart of the alliance.
This article would show us interesting facts about the Stormwind city and the Northrend continent, then we would learn how to get to northrend from stormcity.

How to get to Northrend from stormwind shadowlands in 4 Steps

  1. On the map of the Stormwind, you would see a dock. The dock in the game can be seen on the right hand side of your game screen next to the light tower.
  2. The next step would be to move your game character to a place that is called Borean tundra and from there on, the player would arrive at a place called valiance keep.
  3. You only need to go there and wait for a boat that would arrive on the dock. When the boat arrives, you then make your game character to get on to the boat. Inside the boat, you can also take the character to front of the boat for better visage.
  4. The next course of action would be to get to a boat that would have to sail across the ocean to get to Nothrend. If you want to get back, all you need to do is the exact opposite of what you did to sail to Northrend.

Interesting facts about Northrend in World of Warcraft

Here we bring you some amazing facts and a few things you need to know about Northrend in World of Warcraft.

The Geography of Nothrend

The Geography of Nothrend
According to the game plot of World of warcraft, Northrend is a continent that is near the North Pole, and is majorly inhabited by the Prince Arthas Menethil, who is the lich king. He stays at the top of the ice citadel in Northrend to control his minions, so that they can go out and attack the people that inhabit Azeroth.
When the Arthas Prince was defeated, lord Bolvar Fordragon takes possession of the helmet and starts to control the minions. He was in charge of the minions until Lady Sylvanas windrunner the leader of the forsaken came around and destroyed the helmet thus opening the portal to the shadowlands.
When you take a look at the east and west sides of the Island, there are two towns that have the allegiance of either the Alliance or the Horde.  The mulorcs together with other monsters are back alongside the Walrus like humanoids.
Although they are located towards the north pole, it has a hot jungle zone that might allow the gamer to meet with other interesting game characters.

More about Northrend Zones

In the course of subsequent paragraphs, we would be reviewing the most interesting zones in the Northrend geography.

Crystalsong Forest

Crystalsong Forest
All the way from dalaran, in the Northeatstern house of Runeweaver square, there is a crystal for the gamer in the bottom floor. With this piece the player can easily go down to the crystalsong forest.
Also, from the Dragonlblight, the player can also pass into crystal song on the major side in the middle of the northrend zone.

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You can reach the Dalaran Zone in Northrend from the crystalsong  fores. All that the world of warcraft gamer needs to do is to move along the western mountains and in the middle of the northrend zone, they would find a blackspot.
You would then see a purple bubble, take your game character in and press the crystal there, so that you can teleport yourself to dalaran.


From the Boreab tundra, the game character would needs to follow the road that leads east to the geyser fields. Then the game character would take a turtle boat to Mao’ki Harbor.
From the grizzly hills in Northrend, there is a major river that splits the east and the West.The moment you have taken your game character to the west side of that river, all you need to do is to follow any road along to the west that will lead you to dragonblight.

Gronizzlly hills

Gronizzlly hills
If a gamer wants to get to Gronizzly hills, they can try out three different routes. From the Howling Fjord, the gamer would need to follow the roads to the north. From dragonblight, the gamer would need to follow the roads east. Also from the third route which is crystalsong, the gamer would need to travel via dragonblight.

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