Professions in WoW

10 Best Professions in WoW

One of the best video games that you can play is the World of warcraft. It is parked with loads and adventures and game plots. Well, all that depends on the in-game content that you wish to focus on. Meanwhile, most WoW players repeatedly ask questions like “what is the best profession in wow”? In the course of this article, we are going to be looking at the best professions for wow players to choose in the game. So, if you are one of those trying to figure out what the best professions in WoW are, here we go;


10 Best Professions in WoW 2023

1. Alchemy

Alchemy is an important profession in the world of warcraft that can be used to make flasks. Some of which include Flask of supreme power which can last for up to 2 hours.

This profession can be used to provide players with increased damage for magic casters. It also helps the player to create potions that can be exploited to boost their resistance statistics which are best for in-game raids. Other

2. Blacksmithing

This is yet another interesting profession that can be used by players to produce armor and weapons. This profession in WoW is much favored by plate-wearing classes such as Paladins or Warriors. It is also used to pair with other cool professions in the WoW game. An example of such is the mining profession in the world of warcraft game.

For this profession to be fruitful, the player would need a tangible amount of ore that can be used to smith items in the video game. In this WoW profession, all items can be crafted with an anvil which is available in major cities in the game.

3. Cooking

Cooking in the world of warcraft can be regarded as a secondary profession that can be indulged in. In the world of warcraft game, the cooking profession is very much useful than it was in later updates of the game.

The reason for this is that a player can have a steady food supply that can be used to restore the health and mana of the player’s game character.

4. Enchanting

If a player has some gear that they would want to enchant, this profession can come in handy. You can use the enchanting profession to improve your gear slots permanently, and also boost your stats in a substantial way over time.
Another interesting thing is that players can disenchant a gear into dust so that the dust can be used to make better enchantments later in the game. The enchantment profession needs a lot of Rods that can be used to enchant in-game gear.

5. Engineering

This is another fantastic WoW profession that is worth the review of Geniuzmedia.  It is important to note that the engineering profession in World of warcraft comes packed with a lot of fun. If a player is in the DPS class or has interests in PvP combat, they can use this skill to their advantage.


With the engineering profession, a player can craft gadgets that can be used for drain attacks or even provide extra DPS.

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6. First Aid Profession

This is a WoW profession that majority of players consider to be valuable. With this profession, a player can make a bandage out of any cloth type in the video game. These bandages after they are made can heal up after some time (seconds). This profession is most advantageous to a warrior or rogue that does not have innate healing.

A player with this particular profession can also use a bandage to cure venomous effects.

7. Fishing Profession

This profession in the world of warcraft takes a lot of time but is the most relaxing and soothing profession.  This is so because this profession can easily be tagged on with other skills in WoW.

All that this profession entails is to use a fishing pole and bait near a water body and see what the game character can catch. With the fish that is caught, the cooking profession can now be used to prepare some recipes.

8. Herbalism

This profession is an ideal choice if a player has ever rolled a tauren as you gain 15 skill bonus for it. It is also beneficial to players that want to dip into the alchemy profession that would give them a lot of herbs used for making potions. It is also best suited for world of warcraft players that are very much suited to making money in the game.

9. JewelCrafting in World of warcraft

Obviously, the best professions in wow to make gold. This is an interesting skill set that is used to craft rings, trinkets, and necklaces in the WoW video game.

It also gives the players the ability to insert gems that they create into socketed Equipment. Most of the gems come in different colors and can offer varied bonuses when inserted into player gear.

10. Leatherworking

This is the last but not the least profession in the World of Warcraft video game. It is used in combo with the Skinning profession in WoW. The Leatherworking profession requires a lot of scales and leather to be able to practice with the in-game character.

With the aid of the leatherworking profession, a player can create extensive gear that is best suited for hunters. The profession can also be used to create Dragonscale that Mail users in the World of Warcraft game make use of.


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