Best Keybinds for Rocket League

6 Best Keybinds for Rocket League Xbox, PS4 and PC

Today we came up with some of the Best Keybinds for Rocket League. The Rocket is a video game that allows players the ability to control a lot of options that fit your style of play. One of these options is the controller settings. This setting allows players to change any key binding of their choice. These keybinding changes can be made for different consoles such as Xbox, Switch, PC controller, or Playstation.
Even though you can use your mouse or the keyboard to play, it is not recommended for players. The reason for this is that you would need to press buttons 4 and 5 at the same time. Also, the motion of the controller would not be fluid as expected.
With this in mind, you would need this guide on the best Key Bindings to use in Rocket league.


What are The Best Keybinds for Rocket League?

What are The Best Keybinds for Rocket League
We are going to see the default way to hold a controller in the Rocket League video game. This involves you making little or no use of your middle fingers which would be resting below the controller pad. With just your index fingers, you only need to press the trigger and the bumper buttons.
This may not appear to be the best way to hold the controller, but the majority of gamers are comfortable with it.

Here is our 6 Best Keybinds for Rocket League 2022

This is the way to control the style of the rocket league game work. It is important to note that it works in a similar way with the Default setting, but this time, in a way where the middle fingers are making contact with the trigger buttons. So, our selection of best controller keybinds for rocket league is listed below.

Keybinds 1. Logitech Gamepad (PS3 Controller)

  • X – Boost
  • Square – Switch cams
  • Circle – Jump
  • Triangle – Hold to spin
  • R2 – Gas
  • L2 – Brake
  • R1 – Ebrake
  • L1 – Talk/reset training
  • Select – Scoreboard
  • LJoystick – Move
  • RJoystick – Camera
  • R3 – Look behind you
  • D-pad – Chat choices

Keybinds 2

  • l1(or LB): brake
  • l2 (or LT): gas
  • r2 (or RB): boost
  • r1 (or RT): ballcam
  • X (or A): air roll+powerslide
  • O (or B): jump
  • Square (or X): talk (team speak)
  • Triangle (or Y): scoreboard

Keybinds 3

  • Gas – R2
  • Brake – L2
  • Boost – R1
  • Ball Cam – Hold L1
  • Jump – X
  • Power-brake/Air Roll – Square
  • Reverse Look – Circle
  • Voice chat – Triangle
  • Scoreboard – Track Pad
  • Text Chat – R3

Keybinds 4

  • Accelerate: Space
  • Reverse: S
  • Jump: A
  • Boost: W
  • Powerslide: D
  • Cam toggle: Q
  • Behind view: E
  • Rolls: Arrow keys
  • Scoreboard: Tab
  • Voice chat: Ctrl
  • Quick chat: IJKL
  • Manual camera: TFGH

Keybinds 5

  • LT: Forward
  • LB: Scoreboard
  • RT: Reverse
  • RB: Slide
  • X: Boost
  • A: Jump

Keybinds 6

  • LT: Reverse
  • RT: Forward
  • LB: Boost
  • X: Powerslide
  • A: Jump
  • Y: Camera

Claw Style for Rocket league controllers

Best Keybinds for Rocket League
This is the strangest one but somehow the most effective way to play the Rocket League video game. The claw control style allows you to have access to the majority of the buttons faster. Here, the right middle finger comes in contact with the trigger button while the index finger is touching the Triangel or Y.

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About Button Mapping In Rocket League


Buttons depend on how well a player is able to play the Rocket League and how many buttons can be pressed at the same time. Button mapping is usually used in rocket league to Air Roll, Air Dribble, control the ball, and Defend your goal.
The first button that a lot of people like to replace is the air roll. This is one of the best moves in rocket league, as it helps players to go higher.

How to Powerslide in Rocket league

Power sliding is a game mechanic that most players indulge in for the good feeling of it. In Powersliding, you use a car around much faster than turning without it and with a small amount of speed boost applied.
It would take you some time to get used to this game mechanic. This is why it is best to continue using as it would help you when you are about to land at an awkward angle.
Holding down this button as you hit the ground would make your car slide in the direction it is going and you can easily do a quick flip to get pointed the right way.

Air Rolling in Rocket League

The Air roll function is on the left bumper while the remainder of the settings is on default. This is another interesting game mechanic that can be keybound by default. This keybinding is important for making aerials so that you can be able to barrel roll your car to accurately aim.
It can also be used for accurate air rolling so that you can get more power to shot the ball.
Air rolling can also be used to position your car so that you can land on its wheels and be pointed in the right direction when jumping off a wall or going for an aerial.
It is recommended to start to learn how to use air roll in rocket league as soon as possible. One of the best ways to practice air rolling is to just go on the wall in free play and jump off and then try to land on your wheels. You can also try to hit the ball in the process to have it move and at the same time practice jumping off the wall.

Camera Settings in Rocket league

Now that you have to use the above-mentioned keybindings to set up gameplay, it is time to tweak some camera settings. Being able to control the car in rocket league is the first step while being able to see with the camera around you is the second step. You need to know what the camera settings do before you delve into tweaking things. Keybindings are used for the following in rocket league:

  • Camera shake
  • Distance
  • Camera Height
  • Camera Angle
  • Camera Stiffness
  • Camera Swivel Speed

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