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How to Access Spider Man DLC on PS4 2024

Let’s show you how to get spider man dlc. It won’t be wrong to assert that spiderman DLC is one of the most impressive games this year. For a gamer to be able to access spiderman DLC, it is just like finding the NPC in New York City. It is one of the best games that offer super mind-boggling missions to its users. Here is a definite guide on how to access Spiderman DLC.


Here Are 4 Steps to access and start the Spider Man Heist DLC

1. Select the option to save the file of your choosing
2. Then, click on the map button so that you can access the menus
3. Next, scroll down to the DLC tab with the R1 or L1 button
4. When you are in the DLC menu, select “the Heist”

It is important to note that any progress that you make before getting to a checkpoint would be lost in spiderman DLC. This implies that you should not start this procedure if you are in the middle of a boss battle or a warehouse.

The Way you access the spiderman DLC is the same way you can access the “silver lining” and “Turf wars”.

How to Access Spider Man DLC

The video game is available as a bother part of “The City That Never Sleeps” or as a separate story. For the Spider DLC, buying it with all three parts of the story would cost you $24.99. Also, buying only the Spiderman DLC heist story would cost the gamer only $9.99.

For individuals that are new to the game, here is the synopsis. ”While undergoing an investigation of an armed robbery at the New York Art Museum, Mary Jane Watson and Spiderman find themselves closing in on a super-villain known as Felicia Hardy, also referred to “Black cat”. The case would take them into the Shadowy World of crime families in Manhattan.”

The Spiderman Heist DLC also includes another mission alongside three brand new suits that can be used in battle. We don’t know for sure what the capabilities of the suits are, but we know that they help give gamers an upper hand when facing the bad guys.

Did you know that one of the suits is based on spider-Man Uk from the Comic book; “Spider-Verse?” The second spider man suit is based on the new costume of Scarlett spider from spiderman’s solo series. The last suit is the original spiderman suit that is a variation on the white spider suit which is very common with the PS4 game.

Interesting Facts about the Spiderman DLC game


The spider man DLC is not only one of the best games of the year, but also a game that has a perfect title too. The title of the game has set a high bar of what gamers expect from the superhero video game.  The spiderman DLC (downloadable content) is a game that has three chapters.  These three parts consist of;

  • The Heist
  • Turf wars
  • Silver lining.

We have examined this game, and here are some interesting facts about the game that we have to share with you.

how to get spider man dlc

The first fact is that the PS4 console is not the best place to play the Spiderman DLC game. This is because the part of the story; “The City That Never Sleeps”, sleeps without the finishing of the main game. A lot of gaming communities assert that this is so because the story takes place before the main events of the game.

For the game chapters of spider man DLC, it is in the heist chapter that the Black cat is introduced. She is the master thief and the main enemy of spiderman. The Black cat character in the game and heist chapter is there to steal from crime families. In the chapter, all the crime families are collectively known as maggia.

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The next chapter; Turf wars focus on the villain Hammerhead. Hammerhead in this chapter is plotted by the game designers to rob high-tech military gear from the mercenary organization known as Sable International.

The third chapter- the silver lining sees the sable international leader silver Sable make a return to join forces with spiderman in a bid to reclaim her tech from the Hammerhead outfit.

Without spoiling much, the twist and plot of the Spiderman DLC is a very interesting one.  The game started slow with the heist and ends with Silver Lining with strong end credits.

Between the three chapters, there are lots of side quests. Most of these side quests are doled out by a new villain in the game called: Screwball.

In the side quests, the gamer has to disable the EMP towers within a particular timeframe or have to fight a wave of enemies. There are also photobombs, which are like locations around the challenge area that gives the gamer a bonus. The photobombs are very much similar to Task Master Missions in the main game.


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