USPS Informed Delivery not Working

USPS Informed Delivery not Working – This is How to Fix it

The USPS informed delivery is an interesting service that is available to residential addresses. It is a USPS based service that allows you to have access to all your incoming mail before you receive them. While this is a very reliable USPS service, there can be some hikes.


Lots of questions like Why is informed delivery not working? Well, in the course of this article, we would review how you can resolve USPS informed delivery not working and what you can do to perform a quick fix.

First off, we would start by looking at some common problems that you can face with the USPS informed delivery.

Common problems that you can face with USPS informed delivery

Below are some of the problems people face while using the USPS informed delivery service;

How to deal with USPS Informed delivery Missing Mail

Most of the time, you could find yourself in a diehard situation where you have gotten a notification about your mail, but it has not arrived yet in your mailbox. In this eventuality, you would need to exercise some patience as the USPS informed Delivery usually sends alerts for their packages and letters that might not be arriving on the same day.

This is why after getting your notification about the delivery, you would need to wait for up to a week for the actual package.

How to Deal with No Images on Informed delivery


One of the most frequent challenges that merchants face is that there is no image on the mail piece that is visible on your USPS account. In some cases, it can be that the mailpiece is larger than the normal size of an envelope. If that is the case, you would not see an image of it in your USPS account.

It is important to note that the USPS Informed delivery does not offer image service for mail pieces that are larger. The only resolution to this is that you would be informed aforehand that your mail would not carry an image because it is a larger mail piece.

How to deal with No Email Notifications from USPS informed delivery

You might fall into the category of merchants or customers that don’t receive email alerts about their packages. The only logical resolution to this is that you changed your email address and forgot to update it. Here are three simple steps that you need to follow in order to correct this problem;

  • Log on to your profile
  • Key in your new email address
  • Ensure that you save the changes

After you have done this, you would discover that the alerts are getting to your email without any fuss. It is important to note that with the USPS informed delivery service, you can only have one email address per account.

How to Stop the USPS informed Delivery

If the above reviewed USPS delivery problems are overwhelming you, you can go ahead to delete the service in its entirety.  You would need the unsubscribe code that you have in your USPS informed delivery welcome tool kit.

Just take the code and head to the USPS website. When you get to the USPS website, enter the unsubscribe code. At this stage, they would query you on why you want to unsubscribe from the USPS informed delivery service.

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Informed delivery says arriving soon

This means that your package is on its way. However, Pieces can be delayed in getting to your mail carrier. Or, unfortunately, a mailpiece could be misdelivered. It is advised that you allow several days for delivery after receiving the notification.


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  1. I have not received an informed delivery email since 2-22-23. I have received mail delivery each day since then but no emails.

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