Shipment Received Package Acceptance Pending

Shipment Received Package Acceptance Pending 2023 Explanation 

It will not be wrong to infer that the USPS is one of the largest Postal Services in the United States of America. Imagine a courier service that can handle close to 1 billion parcels per year. Because of their large customer base, they have evolved the tracking information that is sent about packages received or sent.


Amidst all the tracking messages sent there are some that are straight forward and there are others that are tricky to understand. One of such tricky tracking messages sent by the USPS is the “Shipment received, package acceptance pending”.  In the course of this article, we will be reviewing what this tracking message means and the next steps to take.

What does Package Acceptance Pending mean?

“Shipment Received Package Acceptance Pending” is a message that a USPS customer is bound to receive If a package has been accepted physically but has not arrived in a processing and distribution facility.

In the case of this eventuality, you will get the message “shipment received package acceptance pending”.  The following are the stages that lead to a USPS customer getting the package acceptance pending tracking message:

  •  First of the postmasters in the USPS office physically accepts and secure your package, and the information is keyed into the USPS system.
  • This process will allow your tracking code to work and then users will normally get the message; Accepted at USPS origin facility.
  • USPS usually gets a large part of shipments that contains smaller units.  While those large shipments are getting scanned in bulk, the smaller unit items will take time to get scanned in the facility. This is when you will not get the message; “Package Acceptance Pending”.
  • When the USPS gets the shipment sorted they will send further updates to the USPS user. It is important to note that it is the sorting process that decides the route and time of your shipment.
  • When your package successfully reaches the processing and distribution center, you would then get a new tracking status.

What You Can Do About The Situation 

What does Package Acceptance Pending mean?


It is important to note that Packages in the USPS take time to be processed at the processing and distribution facility. so it is normal to get an update within 24 hours.  If you do not get the required updates then the right thing to do is to contact USPS customer care to know what is going on with your package.

They are also genuine situations where it will take the USPS from 1 to 4 days which is approximately from 24 hours to 96 hours to send you delivery confirmation.

Is important to note that USPS only sends the “shipment received package pending” notification when parcels are scanned in bulk and not individually.

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Why You Should Trust the USPS in Handling Your Packages

It is an already established fact the USPS is a very reliable courier service in the United States of America.  They are a courier service that handles a very large volume of packages coming and going out of America on a daily basis.  This is why if you ever get a delayed tracking update, you should not be worried.


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