Government List of Unclaimed Money

Top 10 Government List of Unclaimed Money and Where to Find Them

In the USA, the government has made provisions for a system for citizens to recover unclaimed money. This article focuses on the top agencies that have centralized databases that can be used to recover unclaimed money. It is important to note that each individual federal agency maintains its own records for unclaimed money.


1. TreasuryDirect.Gov (Department of Treasury)

This government agency-owned search engine is used to look for U.S. securities and payments. If you fall under the category of persons that are looking for mature, uncashed savings bonds, including missing payments on other securities, then make this your go-to website.

On this search engine, you can search for treasury notes that are no longer earning interest, with a few simple and quick steps. It is important to note that this agency requires that you enter a few pieces of information in a form that is provided on their website. When you do, this platform will return results immediately.

2. (HUD)

Another interesting government agency in the USA that gives refunds and helps you recover unclaimed money is How it is done, is that if you are eligible for unclaimed money, they will either request that the Department of the Treasury issue you a check, or send you an application for Premium Refund or Distributive Share Payment. The job of HUD is to help people with mortgage insurance to recover unclaimed money.

3. Credit Union Unclaimed Shares (NCUA)

When a particular credit union in the USA with federal insurance is liquidated, the agency’s job is to pay the share accounts to members. However, there are some assets that would remain unclaimed, but most of the time, you can recover unclaimed money.

If you have a share account that is unclaimed, the government agency known as: “NCUA’s Asset Management and Assistance Center” will be responsible for helping you get your unclaimed money.

Also worth noting is that there are occasions when the liquidation of a USA credit union can result in surplus funds. If there are surplus funds from a credit union, the NCUA can also help get unclaimed money.

4. is an agency that can help you get unclaimed money in cases of bankruptcy. First off, it is important to note that unclaimed funds are usually held by a federal court for someone that is entitled to the money, but failed to lay claims to ownership of the money.

There are some causes of unclaimed money in cases of bankruptcy. Sometimes, it can be that there is an incorrect address for the recipient, or there were uncashed distribution checks.

Also worth noting is that unclaimed funds can be claimed anytime by an owner, successor, or any other claimant that has the capacity to prove their right to the funds.


For a person to be able to access unclaimed money in a bankruptcy court, they need to identify the underlying case and follow the process that is stipulated by the court.

5. (IRS)

The IRS is another agency that can be used for recovering unclaimed money. They can help you do this with the aid of their website, With their online platform, you can search for unclaimed tax money.

It cannot be used to recover unclaimed funds that are not related to taxes. When you use the website to perform a search, they will return results of how much tax the US IRS owes you.

6. (US Treasury)

The US treasury agency operates this website, as it uses it to help people recover unclaimed foreign claims. If you have an unpaid foreign claim that is certified by the Foreign Claims Settlement Commission, then you can use this government-based website to look for your unclaimed funds.

However, it is important to note that if you have not suffered a loss due to nationalization of property by a foreign government, then  cannot be of use to you.

7. Webapps.Dol.Gov/Wow/ (Department of Labor)

Webapps.Dol.Gov  is a government-owned website that allows workers who are owed wages to get their unclaimed money. The government agency that operates this site is the Department of Labor. With the aid of Webapps.Dol.Gov/Wow/, you can search to see how much wages you are being owed.

8. (FDIC)

The FDIC is a government agency that is set out to help you get unclaimed money if a bank in the USA is closed. The FDIC helps you recover these funds via their website, To be able to use this government-operated site, you would need to know the name of the bank, and details of your unclaimed money.

9. (PBGC)

If you are a pensioner, and you have unpaid pension funds, you can use this PBGC-operated government site to get your unclaimed pension funds.

Most of the time, in the process of using this site to recover your unclaimed pension funds, you might not be given the full value of your pension money. However, you can get something out of it.

10. (SEC)

The government agency that helps you find unclaimed money as a harmed investor is the SEC, also known as the Securities and Exchange Commission. They can help a harmed investor recover funds from class-action suits, a brokerage deal that went south.


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