Life Hacks for School Students

10 Simple Life Hacks for School Students

Here we are with Life Hacks for School that has proven to be helpful over the years, from learning tips and ways to study with the help of the Internet to pieces of advice on hiring essay writers and writing down effective notes. Education is an important part of our life. It is quite developed for sophisticated times now. You can even buy college term paper in minutes these days. Aside that, the goal of everybody is to make education process easier by using technologies and of course Internet like essay formatting online. So, we came up with some juicy school hacks for students.


Here are the top 10 school hacks for students

10 school hacks for students

1. Training place

Both the workplace and the study should be comfortable and attractive. Armchair and table – ergonomic. The light is correct. Comfort – maximum. The place should be such that you want to spend as much time as possible in it. It is worth spending some money and time on its optimization.

2. Planning and writing notes

Second on our of hacks for students is planning and writing notes. It’s hard to love a process that looks like a huge block. I want to run away from this block – it can crush. But planning breaks the array into small digestible pieces. Be sure to make a plan for the day with a list of tasks. Technology makes our lives a lot easier and makes the learning process more efficient. However, you should not write off the accounts of good old friends – paper and pen. It will certainly not be news to you that information is assimilated even better if you take notes or take notes by hand. Make short notes when you have the opportunity. And most importantly, decorate them with various drawings and symbols.

The fact is that more than 40% of knowledge is acquired through visual memory. The brain is arranged in such a way that even when we read the text, each letter is perceived as a separate picture. If you want to better learn new knowledge, you need to give your brain visual food. Just writing down important facts in a concise way is good. But if you add color markers, charts, learning worksheets and sketches to your notes, the training will be more effective. Doodles, shortcuts, a symbolic image of any concepts, colored stickers, large patterned numbers, funny sketches, infographics on the topic … All the visual information that you can add to your notes, will significantly improve your performance and also improve your mood. So with a clear conscience, allow yourself to spend time on such “decoration”. This is definitely one of the school hacks that have proven to be effective over the years.

3. Summarizing

It is better to write once than to reread seven times. Annotation helps to assimilate the material faster and deeper. Rule: you read – write down. Not all in a row, but key ideas.

4. Half an hour and a break

As you do the learning process, set a timer. For example, for half an hour. It’s been 30 minutes – arranged a 5-minute rest. Looked out the window. Did a warm-up. They made tea. And again dived for 30 minutes in the learning process.

5. Warm-up or stretching


Midway through our list of life hack for school is warming up. Sedentary lifestyle is fraught. And study, as a rule, is a continuous sitting. Get in the habit of diluting the learning process with warm-ups or stretching to relieve muscle tension and improve blood circulation (which is directly related to the brain).

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6. Social networks

Establish strict control over social networks. As a rule, they devour a huge amount of time – up to several hours a day. Limit this time – for example, 15 minutes in the morning, during lunch break and at bedtime.

7. Internet to help

By the way, the Internet can be used more efficiently. For example, to study educational material with its help. As a rule, it is presented boringly in textbooks. But performed by a blogger or in the form of a popular science film, it comes with a bang.

8. The teacher themselves

You can play role-playing games. For example, sit a plush toy (or a live dog) opposite and bring the new material to the “listener” as intelligibly and interestingly as possible.

9. Multitasking

Let’s talk briefly about multitasking – no multitasking. This only complicates and slows down the learning process. Take on one thing – bring it to an end. Switching from one study material to another or, worse, doing several things at once is, in essence, a waste of time, no matter how attractive the idea of ​​multitasking may seem to you.

10. Caring for the body

Summing up our students life hacks is caring for the body. When we talk about learning, we mean the physical resource – the capabilities of the body in general and the brain in particular. This resource is exhaustible, and it needs to be fueled. This means that for effective, easy and joyful learning it is extremely important to get a good night’s sleep, eat right and exercise. In a healthy body – a healthy learning spirit. Do sports. Exercise helps the brain: 15 minutes of activity can improve memory and restore clarity of consciousness.

If you exercise in the evening, after the main work, a short walk at a brisk pace or exercise on a simulator will help you get ready for school. Drink water. If you feel thirsty, you think 14% slower than a person who has met the need for fluids in time. A glass of water before class – there is nothing easier! Eat nuts and fish. A balanced diet that includes foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids will help you maintain a high level of brain activity. Want to get smarter? Eat a few nuts – they contain the necessary omega-3 in excess. And don’t believe your grandmother, who said that you can’t chew while reading or studying: chewing stimulates memory and cognitive abilities!


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