Argumentative Essay Is a Challenge. Know How to Deal With It

Writing an argumentative essay is not so easy a task as it might seem at the first sight. So, what’s the problem with it? First of all, you must find an appropriate point and counterpoint to argue your position later. In that case, your facts should be very solid and persuasive for both points. You have to provide your evidence and after that come to your own point of view and comprehensive conclusion in your argumentative essay.
As you see, it’s not enough to make just a simple presentation of two sides of the case and then pick the one you like most of all. So, let’s consider more details. Good argumentative essays are always built on few main steps.


Argumentative Essay Writing. Main Steps

1. Find a topic

«It sounds easy, but first of all you must find a good topic, the question that will interest people and would be not so easy to cover», says Daniel Wade, an editor from company. The case of no absolute answer, but only two sides of an issue. What does it mean? Can you argue the fact of 2+2=4? Or answer the question about life on Mars? Two cases, but you need to choose the right one.
Think about themes that are important but not so big (rather narrow) in focus. Talk not about World War II, but about the necessity of Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing. You need to find a topic with two different sides that you can find enough evidence for.
Here is the list of the most popular and successful argumentative essay topics:

  • Literature: book, character, author.
  • History: event, country, person.
  • Social: law, ethics, values.
  • Health: legislation, causes, conflicts.

2. Look at both sides of an issue and take a position

Now, you’ve got a topic. Start to research it. Look inside the problem and pick one of the two sides. Generally, authors start writing an argumentative essay developing the side they will argue.

3. Get the evidence for both sides


Now, you need evidence. It means serious searching work. Not just simple internet surfing! Find more reputable sources, go to the library, and speak to experts and witnesses. Moreover, you can use scholarly essays while composing your argumentative essay.

4. Start writing

Once you are through with your research and gather all the evidence, you are ready to start writing an argumentative essay. When the body of your essay is done, start favoring one side of the case over the other.

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Here is an outline of a typical argumentative essay:

  • The opening paragraph should give background information on the topic and the evidence it describes. In this part, you should give your main statement about what you are going to argue in your argumentative essay.
  • Then there goes the body of the essay. As we said before, the counterpoint goes first. You should provide valid points, arguments, and evidence. After that, talk about your point of view and its advantages.
  • And in the end, there goes the closing part of the argumentative essay. Here you should make a conclusion and convince the reader that the point you’ve chosen is right.

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