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Constructing the First Minecraft House for Beginners

Nowadays, video games are a very important part of one’s life. It’s not only some games to have fun with but has become a passion and competition for many.


What is Minecraft?

beginners minecraft house

You can hardly find an individual who doesn’t know about Minecraft, as it’s one of the most popular video games worldwide. Playing Minecraft is considered an excellent way for children to gain knowledge about creativity, collaboration, and innovation. It’s compatible with different devices such as computers, tablets, phones, and gaming consoles. The cost of the game varies by around $20 depending on the device it’s being played on.

Minecraft is a 3D video game allowing players to construct and build anything they wish. It’s often linked to an ‘online Lego’ and entails building blocks and designing structures across diverse environments and terrains. This virtual world involves collecting resources, crafting tools, constructing buildings, and engaging in combat.

The suitability rating of Minecraft varies between 7+ and 13+ depending on the game version being played. However, there’s no age verification process during the sign-up procedure for children. If a user is below 13 years of age and registers with their actual age, some game features will remain inaccessible. These may include altering settings, joining Minecraft Realms, making in-game purchases, or engaging in chat scrolls.

First House in Minecraft

Newcomers to Minecraft may struggle to determine how they want their houses to be constructed. Some players prioritize functionality and only focus on aesthetics after establishing a solid foundation, whereas others prefer a minimalist approach and avoid embellishments.

Both options are acceptable, and each Minecraft house is distinctive. This step-by-step guide will encompass all the essential information a player needs at the beginning of the game.

Choose a Location

When starting in Minecraft, choosing a suitable location for your first home is crucial. In a private multiplayer server with friends, concerns about thieves and grievers are negligible, whereas in a popular public server, you may have to venture far to find resources. For the sake of simplicity, let’s assume you’re in a single-player world. When selecting the spot for your initial house, consider the necessities you’ll require.

A suitable house location should be close to the following:

  • A water source
  • A stone source
  • A wood source
  • Livestock

These are the essential resources required in the future. Constructing your house directly on a mountainside or inside a cave is unwise since monsters tend to spawn in shelters, and building a stone house will take longer.


Build Walls

Similar to a house in the real world, the foundation of your Minecraft house begins with walls. To construct the walls, place the blocks and stack them up to the desired height of your house’s ceiling. Besides the primary four walls, you can build as many rooms as you wish, but remember to leave spaces for doors and windows.

Primary Room

After choosing a location, dig a tunnel into a hillside and make a space three blocks wide, three blocks long, and two blocks high. This will serve as your base until you can construct a good home. Eventually, it’ll have a bed, a crafting table, a furnace, and a Mine. After you have all these things gathered around your first home, you can spend your first night of Minecraft writing about your experience, kind of an autobiography, but if you don’t know how to write an autobiography, you’ll have the whole night ahead to learn.

Light the House Up

While a Minecraft house does offer protection against hostile mobs, it doesn’t prevent them from spawning inside. To avoid this, add various light sources inside your home. Torches are the most common option, but you can also use lanterns, glowstone, and other light sources. Some players even place lights around and on top of the house for added protection.


Tools are essential for surviving in Minecraft, as they enable you to defend yourself against monsters and collect resources. Begin by crafting four wooden planks, then turn them into sticks. Next, use those sticks and planks to create a wooden pickaxe by placing three wooden planks in boxes 1-3 and sticks in boxes 5 and 8. After that, mine some nearby stones to upgrade your tools.

Here You’ve Your First House Almost Finished!

That’s pretty much done. After surviving the first night, things get easier since you won’t have to worry about nighttime anymore. Your next goal can be building a suitable house. From there, you can start farming for bread and wheat, and if you’re lucky enough to find cows or sheep near your house, you can breed them for food and materials. Don’t forget to go mining for ores to make armor, weapons, and tools.

The Advantages of Playing Minecraft

Playing Minecraft can offer several benefits and enable children to learn and hone various skills. It has also been introduced as a teaching material in some schools. Here are some benefits of playing Minecraft:

  • Improving computer literacy and gaining basic programming and software skills
  • Enhancing problem-solving abilities
  • Enhancing mathematical, spatial, and analytical skills
  • Fostering creativity and aiding in the development of design skills – players can bring their imaginative ideas to life
  • Improving teamwork skills and promoting collaboration

Additional Tips

Many children play Minecraft nowadays, and they search for different youtube Minecraft tutorials for hints and tips, which may include inappropriate comments and language. To avoid this, it’s recommended to direct them toward reliable and appropriate Youtube channels for Minecraft tutorials.

Also, setting time limits on your child’s screen time can be helpful. It’s also important to establish some basic gameplay rules, like deciding whether you’re comfortable with your child using multiplayer mode or chatting with other players online.

Considering these tips will help children to play their favorite video games in a safe and healthy environment.



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