How to Make Clay in Stranded Deep | Get Clay in Stranded Deep Xbox One and PS4

How to Find Clay in Stranded Deep 2024 | Make Clay in Stranded Deep

How to Make Clay or how to find clay in stranded deep? Our superb guide here will show you how to Get Clay in Stranded Deep. Our genuine tips cover different platforms including Xbox One, PS4, and PC. So, if you’ve been on the internet looking for this, then here we go.


Clay is one of those essential items in Stranded Deep. It can be crafted into many things including Clay Bricks at a Clay Furnace, which then allows the player to make magnificent clay structures, two staples of survival. Stranded deep clay is also used to make the best water bottle for liquid storage in-game, called “the Clay Bottle”.

Clays in the game of stranded deep are almost readily found under the water. Clay nodes look a bit similar to the minable rocks in the game but it looks more brown than grey. However, for all of us, clay is usually in the shallow waters close to the shore which requires just a little dive in.

This is how to find clay in stranded deep 2024

Ok, getting clay in stranded deep is not as difficult as what I see people complain on different platforms. However, you will need to craft a pickaxe.  Pickaxe is what you will then use for getting clay off the clay rocks which is a bit hard. Meanwhile, we have made a guide on how to craft a Pickaxe here in this article.

NOTE: Do Not Bother finding Clay on the surface as clay does not spawn in dry areas.

Get a pickaxe: This is the main material that you must craft if you must get clay. It will help you in pushing over the rocks and accessing the clay. We have made available steps on how to craft a Pickaxe as you read further.

Head toward shallow or mid-deep water: Dive into the water and find where you have rock. Locate them with just a little navigation.


Lock for brown pig rocks; that is where clay can be located. Now hit the rock a few times with the Pickaxe. You decide the amount of clay you need by collecting the clay scattered around.

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*Remember: Mine the clay as much as you can and pick them up. 

How to craft a Pickaxe

Remember we told you we will be showing how to refine pickaxe in the course of our detailing. As important as the pickaxe can be while crafting a clay. We have guide on how you can craft one, check below:

You will need 2x Leather

The next material is 2x Stone Tool

Completing the recipe is 1 Stick

Have you found out other ways to mine clay in stranded deep? Why not share it with us in the comment section?.


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