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10 Best Minecraft Seeds for Survival 2024

Here we are with some of the best Minecraft seeds for survival. Did you know that your Minecraft experience is shaped? This is why it is best for a gamer to opt for a place that has best seed. Wondering what Minecraft seeds are? Well, they are what make every Minecraft game super interesting. They present new challenges to a preset game plot. This is regardless of whether the player is in an environment made of ice and snow or somewhere that looks pastoral.


One common thing in the Minecraft game is that gamers are constantly creating new worlds to explore, as there is an unlimited supply of seeds to delve into. Trying to choose the best Minecraft seed can really be a huge drawback. That is why we took the pleasure to review the 10 best Minecraft seeds for survival.

First off… what are Minecraft seeds?

What are Minecraft Seeds?

Simply put, a Minecraft seed is a code that is seed is a code that used by a gamer to generate the worlds that they play in. it can range from dungeons to assorted landscapes with cool views.

The moment a Minecraft seed is implemented, a world can be built and customized for the player to explore.  The Minecraft seeds can also be used by gamers to change the nature of their gameplay and also alter the type of creations they make. Want to experiment? You can opt to play the same or different seeds and see how the experiences differ.

10 Best Minecraft Seeds for Survival in 2024

1. Minecraft Seed Island (Axezero) – 573947210

One of the things that make this island a cool seed, is that it is packed with loads of hidden loot and buried treasure. There are lots of islands to explore, that is why this island gives the user an opportunity to collect some cool items alongside, 6 gold ingots, 6 gold nuggets, and an iron sword.

Like we stated earlier, a Minecraft seed is simply a code that gives a user access to a particular game world. In light of this, the Code for the Minecraft seed Island is 573947210 and also has a seed name of axezero.

2. Temple of Doom Minecraft Seed – 2029492581

This is another interesting seed of Minecraft that newbies should try out. With the code, you would be spawned near a temple in a convenient location where your game character can cross over to a jungle biome.

For gamers that want to try out this interesting Minecraft seed, the code to this is “2029492581”, while it has a seed name of FEARARTEMIS. Unarguably one of the best Minecraft seeds for survival.

3. A Song of Ice and Spire Seed – 2223210

This is a Minecraft seed that offers gamers a unique adventure and some challenge too. It features some icy spikes that come up from the ground. In this adventurous Minecraft seed, you would find some rabbits and polar bears roaming about.
The code and name to this Minecraft seed are 2223210 and HOIL respectively.

4. Ultimate Farm Spawn Minecraft seeds – 1594305760

If you are a gamer that loves animals, then this is the right seed for you. With this seed, the player would spawn right into a farm with horses, ducks, pigs, sheep etc.  All you need to do in this biome is to gather resources from the savanna biome that is nearby, so that you would be able to build your farm. The code and name of this Minecraft seed are 1594305760 and CANTBESAVED respectively.

5. Village Cut in Half by Ravine – 2467475923055248755


With this Minecraft seed the gamer would spawn near a village that is pretty much close to a number of different biomes, some of which include oceans, forests, and plains. This Minecraft world is where you would find a large ravine that contains ore that the player can use for crafting.

The seed code this Minecraft world is 2467475923055248755.

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6. Savanna Villages on the Great Plains – 508164565

There are about 2 savana villages in this interesting Minecraft seed.  With this seed, the player would have access to a lot of resources that they can use to build their own in-game content.

To the right of this Minecraft seed is a large savanna village that can be used to source for items and resources.

The moment the Minecraft player has gathered what they need, they would move on to expand unto the plains biome. The code for this interesting biome is 508164565. Clearly one of the best survival seeds you can pick.

7. Horse Island Survival – 3302368487053953130

This seed consists of a dessert that is filled with horses. In it, the player can gather up items such as a buried treasure map and a compass. Do you want to try out this Minecraft seed, then this is its seed code; 3302368487053953130.

8. The Titanic – 1045298416328037846

From the name of this Minecraft seed, it Is obvious that it features a shipwreck and an iceberg as its major points of interest. Close to this seed, the player would find a nice jungle and a pit that contains a lot of resources. The seed code of this interesting Minecraft seed is 1045298416328037846.

9. The Jungle Temple of Diamonds and Bones – 87953651674304230

When a player spawns into this seed, they would arrive at a west side of a jungle island. Here, they can enter a temple that is filled up with a lot of interesting loot. If you want to try out this Minecraft seed, the code to it is 87953651674304230.

10. The Pillager Outpost Minecraft Seed – 5479241985391318616

Maybe the last on our list but the Pillager Outpost is clearly one of the best Minecraft seeds for survival at the moment. A Minecraft player is on the lookout for a new seed that can be used to take full advantage of the Minecraft version 1.14, they would need to try out the “Pillager outpost”. This interesting Minecraft seed adds stealth elements to the world that the player is spawned into.  If you want to try out this Minecraft seed, the code to use is 5479241985391318616.

How to Find New Seeds in Minecraft

If a gamer wants to find new seeds in the Minecraft game, they try out an app for such. For instance, they can use the Seeds pro app that is available on the android or iOS platform. This app is a community-based app that allows Minecraft gamers to come together and share seeds with each other online.

How a Player can Create a Minecraft world with a Seed

If you are a beginner in the Minecraft game, we at Geniuzmedia would like to give you a simple head start. Creating a Minecraft world is easier than you can imagine! All you need to do is to head to the Minecraft generator so that you can upload your choicer biomes and structures.

In the Minecraft game, it is super easy to upload worlds separately from the random ones that are usually generated by the game automatically.


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