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10 Best Minecraft House Ideas For Survival in 2024

If you are on the lookout for the best Minecraft house ideas, you have come to the right blog. In the course of this article, we are going to walk you through 10 best minecraft house easy ideas that you can use to build in the epic game.


No matter the kind of house that you want to build in Minecraft, you can find some quality inspiration with our ideas. Truth is, building a house in Minecraft is never an easy feat. Most of the Minecraft builds need a lot of thinking outside of the box. While most gamers have their own style, it is always better to draw build ideas from others. Here are 10 interesting Minecraft-building ideas that a gamer can try out.

Here Are The 10 Best Minecraft House Ideas For Survival

1. Abandoned House At Sea

Abandoned House At Sea
If you do not like the idea of building a Minecraft house underwater, you can go for a house that is floating on the water. Tkapplez Did a good job with a breathtaking floating house at sea. He also went on to pair it with really nice realistic shaders.

2. Underwater Hideout 

Underwater Hideout
For me, the ultimate building challenge is setting up a house in Minecraft underwater.  Bearing in mind that it is difficult to survive with your character underwater, having a magnificent build as shown in the picture is a good housing idea. Although the Minecraft player will need a lot of enchantment Gear for survival underwater.

3. Modern Beach House

Modern Beach House
Come to think of it, the Minecraft game has a setting that makes it look traditional and rustic with its blocks.  This is why sometimes it can be very challenging to build something that is truly modern in the Minecraft game.  But taking an idea from what KugioMC did, you can opt for building a modern beach house.

In the process of trying to build a modern beach house, it’s important that a player prioritizes materials that are plain.  Concrete is one of the best materials that the player can use in Minecraft to make such ultra-modern builds. Combined with some wooden plank of almost any color you can come up with interesting designs.

4. Tree House

Tree House
One of the most interesting Minecraft house ideas is a treehouse. It is in fact the Childhood dream of a lot of Minecraft players. a player can either indulge in building a shack-like structure or go on to the youth something that is ultra-modern. Sometimes it can be hard to come by a modern treehouse in Minecraft such as AnuTCS’.

If you are not located in a biome that has trees, you can go for a Mock tree that mimics a regular tree.

5. Tuscan House

Tuscan House
Here is one of the best minecraft cool houses idea. There are so many blogs and color schemes that are available for building a house in Minecraft. It will be a shame, not a player did not want to take advantage of these color schemes and use them when possible. However, knowing what and what not to mix is very important for every Minecraft House Builder.

If you try how with different patterns you might end up with very good results like the Tuscan-style home by AjaxIbrahim.  One super interesting thing about the Minecraft game is that a player can choose to use two different colors of clay, brick, granite, and coarse dirt.  This does not just make your house have a unique texture and character; it also makes it to have a particularly interesting colour profile.

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6. Wooden Starter House


Tuscan House
Sometimes it is best to go with very simple house designs in Minecraft. This is where the wooden starter house comes in.  Since wood and stone are the major materials that are found in the Minecraft game,  it is best to build homes faster with these two most abundant resources. Certainly one of the cool houses in Minecraft.

Just like Dekunaa’s house, building a traditional house with a wooden template can be just the best option in Minecraft. You might turn out to be very surprised by the results that you will get.

7. Ice Spike Mini Home

Ice Spike Mini Home
Like I stated earlier the Minecraft game has a lot of interesting unique biomes. One of such biomes in the game is the ice Plains spikes biome.  This biome is one of his snowy in nature and has stalagmites-like structures that are high rising like.
Are you wondering whether having a building set up in such an environment is ok? Well as DrillTrill proved, having a building in this very interesting biome is a wonderful Minecraft house idea.

It is very important for the player to note that the ice in that environment melts when there are nearby touches.  So it is better to make use of end rods as a lightning source. This housing style can also help Minecraft players to go on a defensive in battle. The reason for this is that mobs would find it difficult to get into that biome.

8. Mountain Hut

Mountain Hut
Truth is, in the Minecraft game a flat ground is not always the best place to build a house.  But when it comes down to having a perfect location you can make the Sky your limit.  Imagine having a Minecraft house in a place that is impossible to imagine. Imagine having a Minecraft house on a mountain? Is a mountain not a perfect spot for a Minecraft house? This particular player called Goldrobin continues to prove time and time again that a mountain is a nice building idea.  Imagine having a tiny wooden hut set up by the side of a mountain.

9. Oceanside Castle

Oceanside Castle
There are basically two types of Minecraft players: those that love to go out and be in charge of their buildings with big structures, and those that love to build tiny and delegate houses.  It can be a nice idea to pick up the challenge and do something different than what conventional Minecraft players do. You might decide to vary in style and size with your Design.

For instance, you go out and build a nice Mansion that looks like an estate the way player DTH217 did in the picture.

10. Desert House

Desert House
Desserts are very popular in the Minecraft game because they are the most hated biomes.  This is because it lacks other structures and plans and it can be very hard to live in. in the game world of Minecraft, it is difficult to get food. But after a very good start in the game, you will find some cool structures to build in it.

A player can deploy the use of different kinds of sandstone that are available. A house like the Antonio_M8 usually stands out in the desert biome. Surely, one of the best minecraft house ideas available.

That structure just looks like a holiday home that has an airy secondary floor balcony and a tangible amount of windows.  It also has some nice plants that spice up the environment so that it does not look like a dry build. Meanwhile, here are some of the Greenhouse ideas we have compiled for you.


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