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10 Warframe Best Zaw 2024 | A Complete Warframe Zaw Guide

Welcome to our Warframe Zaw Guide and here we are with the list of Warframe Best Zaw. A Warframe Zaw can be defined as a melee weapon that is mostly crafted by gamers and assembled by Hok at Cetus. A Warframe player can make use of the standing that they earned from the Ostron faction to buy Zaw components from Hok. The moment that the player has crafted a part of each type of Zaw, you would now speak to Hok to assemble the Zaw components.


The process of doing this in the game is known as Gilding, which is the best approach to enhance the base stats of the Zaw. After enhancing the base stats of the Zaw, the next approach would be to apply a unique arcane to it, and then give the Zaw a name.

What is a Zaw in Warframe?

If you are dreaming of a perfect blade in Warframe, the Zaw should be your best pick. It is a melee weapon that has a lot of parts. The build of a Zaw in Warframe usually focuses on speed, high damage, and critical damage.

A Zaw can be defined as a modular melee weapon that is usually assembled in three major parts. In the Warframe game, you can put together your own unique three parts to have a unique Zaw build.
The three major parts of Zaw are namely; Strikes, Grip, and Links.

  • Strike part of a Zaw: The strike can be defined as the head of the Zaw and contains attachments like a dagger, scythe, sword, dagger, etc.
  • Link Part of a Zaw: This is a small attachment to the handle of the Zaw that acts like a decoration.
  • The Grip part of a Zaw: This is the weapons handle that determines the attack speed, base damage of a zaw.

In the Warframe game, there are up to 11 strike attachments, 14 links, and 10 grips. And it is important for the gamer to know that these combos bring out different stats for the zaw. That is why in a bid to save your time, we brought you the best zaw builds that you can get in Warframe.

Here are the 10 Warframe Best Zaw in 2024

1. Mewan Strike, Plague Akwin Grip, Vargeet II Jai Link

Topping our list is a sword-themed zaw that is capable of giving your enemies enough blood rush.  This is a monstrous weapon that has stats to show for its good capabilities.
Here are a few specs that make this zaw interesting:

  • A super high critical damage of 32%
  • A tangible Critical multiplier of 2X
  • A decent attack speed, slash damage and good base damage.

2. Cyath Strike, Shtung Grip, Ekwana II Jai Link Zaw build

This high base damage zaw is a good fit for gamers that love to slash everything in their path. Most Tenno couldn’t care less about the Zaw that they are wielding as long as it deals massive slash procs.
This zaw ignores the armor of the enemy and can cause the enemy to bleed out after a slash. If you want to spoon feed your enemy with enough slash procs, then make this Zaw melee weapon a must-choose.

3. Balla Strike, Plague Akwin Grip, Vargeet Jai II Link Zaw Build

Have you ever come about a Zaw that is all about a critical chance? This is an interesting Dagger-themed Zaw that is worth picking on. In the Warframe gaming community, dagger-like weapons tend to be looked down upon. Dagger-themed Zaws are worth trying out because of their incredibly high-status chance in the game.

4. Dokrahm Strike, Seekalla Grip, Ekwana II Ruhang Zaw Build

This can be considered to be a heavy-blade fan that is worth reviewing in our list of best Zaws in the game.  With this Zaw, you can attack your enemies with so much speed and accuracy. It has a very high-status chance that reaches up to 32%. Other cool features of this fan-like Zaw are; its high slash damage and good puncture damage.

5. Plague Keewar Strike, Plague Bokwin Grip, Jai II Link Zaw Build


It is also modeled to look like a staff in the Warframe game. In fact, it is one of the best staves that is has a Zaw build in the game.

This Zaw is more like a hybrid weapon and comes packed with an interesting build variety that a gamer can flex. If you are a gamer that loves to see red crits occupying most of your screen, then make this Zaw build a must-pick.

All that you need to do is to slap on a “blood rush” and then start slashing away.
This staff-like Zaw build has a cool critical chance of 18%, a critical multiplier of 2X, and high slash damage.

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6. Rabvee Strike, Seekalla Grip, Ekwana Jai II Link Zaw Build

Sometimes in the game, those pesky-infested game characters won’t stop coming at you. This would prompt you to repeatedly stomp or destroy them.  This is an interesting Zaw build that is modeled after a hammer in the game.

The most interesting feature of this Zaw build is its monstrous status chance. It also has a decent 14% critical chance and critical multiplier of 2X and finally, good impact damage.

7. Plague Kripath Strike, Plague Bokwin Grip, Ekwanna II Jai Link Zaw Build

This is yet another Staff-themed Zaw that can be built in a way that it can reach the 100 % status chance. It features a polearm that can be built to reach this interesting status chance.
With this Zaw, you are set to satisfy your needs with its high-status chance.

8. Ooltha Strike, Seekalla Grip, Ekwana Jai Zaw Build

The 8th best Zaw build that you would find in the Warframe game is Ooltha Strike, Seekalla Grip, Ekwana Jai Zaw Build. This interesting Zaw is themed to look like a staff and can suit the fancy of any gamer. With this Zaw, a gamer is set to unleash their true tenno power. The best part of the Zaw’s abilities is its status chance and critical chance.

9. Kwath Grip, Dehtat Strike, and Vargeet II Jai Link Zaw Build

This is a 9th placed Zaw that puts together three interesting builds to make a play-worthy melee weapon. Most gamers would always like to role with Zaws that can destroy only one target at a time. This zaw is a good pick for any enemy that crosses your path. It is modeled after a rapier in the Warframe game.

10. Korb Grip, Sepfahn Strike and Jai Link Zaw Build

This Zaw combo of a melee weapon is referred to as the Nikana Blade. With this melee weapon, the gamer can come along with a very powerful Ninja aura.

It is an interesting one-handed blade that deals good critical and status chances. The only thing that this Zaw build lacks is an attacking speed, which is why it is sitting in 10th place. A gamer can compensate for this with primed Fury or Berserker.


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