Assault Rifle in Modern Warfare

10 Best Assault Rifle in Modern Warfare 2024

The call of duty modern warfare 2 game features a lot of interesting assault rifles that are worth trying out. Most of these rifles can bring out the best in a COD gamer.  In the course of this article, we would be reviewing the 10 best assault rifles that you would find in the call of duty: Modern Warfare 2.


These assault rifles can give the gamer a solid damage output, easy mobility, and lots of diversification in combat. From the Ak-47 to the MP 7, any hardcore shooter fan would love these collections that we at Genuizmedia have put together.  There are also other nice weapons other than an assault rifle that a gamer can try out in the call of duty game. But this piece is dedicated to the 10 best Assault Rifle in Modern Warfare 2.

10 Best Assault Rifle in Modern Warfare

1. M4A1

This rifle can be considered as the best gun in the entire call of duty – modern warfare game. Did you know that M4A1 is a solid choice for beginners in Call of duty? It has a tangible accuracy, alongside some satisfying damage output, and that is before the gamer starts to add things to the rifle.

2. MP7

It is not a thing of surprise that this is the second best assault rifle in Modern warfare 2. The MP7 rifle has a large damage output with a very fast fire rate. It is also very much suited for COD combats that are medium and long-ranged.
The best part is that it has recoil that is easily controlled by the gamer.

3. M13

The M13 is a gun that can be incorporated into a loadout that can be used for mind-blowing combat missions in COD. This M13 is so generous in its design, so much so that it gifts the gamer, a sniper rifle as a secondary weapon. The only drawback of the M13 rifle is that its accuracy diminishes with a longer range.

4. MP5

This a coo a good rifle that comes out like a sub-machine gun in the game. This rifle has a lot of similarities with the MP7 gun in COD. The only difference between these two sports is that the MP5 is not as effective as MP7 is in medium-range encounters.

5. AK-47


How can we put down a review of the best assault rifles without reviewing the Ak-47. It is a classic video game gun that is used across a lot of first-person shooter games on the planet. In real life, it is also one of the most popular rifles around.
It is interesting to know that in the beta version of the COD: modern warfare game, that the Ak-47 rifle was nerfed. The Ak-47 in the call of duty has an amazing recoil and weapon sway.

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6. PP19 Bizon

This is an average gun in COD, yet it makes the 6gh place, do you want to know why? The sole reason is because of the versatility of the gun in call of duty.
It is actually modeled to look like a sub-machine gun. And in the hands of a very skilled gamer, can be used at long-ranged battles. The PP19 assault rifle boasts of a large magazine that can help a gamer in a multiplayer game in COD.

7. FN SCAR 17S

This list of best assault rifles in COD would not be complete without reviewing the FN SCAR 17S. it is an assault rifle that is modeled after its counterpart the SCAR-H.
The FN SCAR 17S can fit into the various multiplayer maps that COD Modern Warfare 2 has to offer. Just like most guns on our list, it is also good for medium and long-range combat encounters.

8. AUG

The AUG is a very versatile assault rifle in the call of duty – Modern Warfare game. The gun has the ability to take up different forms based on what the gamer attaches to it.
It is important to note that the major takeaway of the AUG assault rifle is that it is good for long-range encounters. It is also very much mobile; given the game character more flexibility in in-game combats.

9. FR 5.56

This interesting assault rifle is also known as FAMAS, and is a solid gun that is best suited for medium-range battle encounters. The power of this assault rifle comes down to the fact that it can land all three shots of its burst power. The gaming community of the call of duty franchise seems to be in love with this 9th placed assault rifle.

10. FAL

This is the least best assault rifle because it features a poor recoil, a low fire rate, and is not too good in long-range and medium battles. It compensates a gamer with strong damage which is why it makes this list of 10 best assault rifles in COD.


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