Guns in Call of Duty Ghost

10 Best Guns in Call of Duty Ghost | Ranked From Good to Best

For call of duty gamers, the Ghost is one of the best perks in the game. When we say perk, we imply the most powerful items that a gamer can actually use in the online game. In the call of duty warzone, a lot of players are at disadvantage trying to make a choice of guns to use. Especially in the battle royal, a gamer might be tied to an end where they have to choose a good gun.


In the course of this article, we would be shedding light on the 10 best guns that a call of duty gamer can indulge in the Ghost perk. Without further mouthing, let us delve in.

Here are the 10 Best Guns in Call of Duty Ghost

1. Bulldog

This short gun is also known as Maul in the call of duty. It is semi-automatic and was featured in the call of duty ghosts, and call of duty: advance warfare.

The bulldog gun has the highest hip fire in the game coupled with an insane accuracy. With the steady aim feature of the gun, a gamer can point the gun and at the same time aim down sight this makes aiming unnecessary and makes the COD player to move at a steady speed.

2. MTS-255

The MTS-255 is a gun that is different from other guns in this list. The reason for this is that the MTS-255 is a short gun. It is important to note that this short gun is expensive and costs just 8 points to get. This short gun also deals a damage of 63 per pellet.

3. ARX-160

This is a popular gun that is common in the call of duty: modern warfare, call of duty: ghosts, and call of duty: Infinite Warfare.

This gun is available at the start of the insurgency faction and is similar to the single-player counterpart of the game. It is important to note that this weapon has zero recoil and a moderate fire rate. Other interesting qualities include; accurate iron sights, swift reload, and nice hip-fire accuracy. The ARK-160 is also a deadly weapon at long ranges.


This is an interesting gun that was introduced in Call of duty: ghosts. It was later added to the call of duty: modern warfare remastered and the call of duty online.

This gun in call of duty is very costly as it demands 9 points to unlock. Although, if the gamer is using a stealth package, it can be unlocked by default. The Honey badger gun is a nice damage per bullet weapon that can deal a damage of 42 at a range of 19 meters.


This is an interesting bullpup three-round burst assault rifle that is only featured in the call of duty: ghosts. The cost of a gamer acquiring this assault rifle is 8 points.

It is a fairly fast rifle. The fire rate of this assault rifle is 491 RPM and 895 RPM within bursts. The automatic fire of the MSBS equates to 800 RPM.


6. Remington R5

The Remington R5 is a good gun that is not only featured in the call of duty ghosts but also in the call of duty: heroes and call of duty online.  The cost of acquiring this weapon in the game is interestingly seven points.

By default, the gun has an automatic fire mode.  The Remington R5 is almost on par with the Ak-12 gun that was reviewed previously.  If you are out on a distance, the Remington R5 takes at least five body shots to be able to kill, and just four if headshots were to be used.

7. FAD

The FAD is a  gun that is modeled as a bullpup assault rifle in the game. Its popularity stems from the fact that the gun is featured in both call of duty modern warfare 3 and the almighty call of duty: ghosts.

The FAD gun in the call of duty ghost game is usually unlocked at level 78 of the video game. It can be classified as a low-range weapon in the COD game. When your opponent is within a range of 25 meters, the FAD can deal damage of 30. When the player increases distance by thirty meters, the damage would reduce linearly.
They have an unusual shape yet a very decent accuracy in the COD game.

8. Ak-12

This list of best guns in the call of duty ghost would not be complete with reviewing the AK-12 assault rifle. This gun is so popular that it was not only featured in call of duty ghosts but also was featured in call of duty: advanced warfare and also call of duty: modern warfare.

It is also the most used gun in the game third to only SC-805 and SC-2010.

9. SA-805

Another interesting gun worth indulging in is the SA-805. It is important to note that this is a very accessible gun in the call of duty game because of its price. The cost of getting the SA-805 in the game is just 6 points. The gun in the ghost perk is also available for free with the assault soldier loadout.

This gun can be used to deal high damage to opponents in the COD: ghosts. Any opponent that is within a range shorter than 25 meters would receive a deal 40 damage.

10. Sc-2010

The SC-2010 is one of the best guns that a player can find in the call of duty: ghost’s game. It can be classified as an assault rifle and is one of the best guns that gamers in COD like to opt for. It is important to note that this weapon has low damage when compared to other assault rifles in the game. One feature that compensates for this drawback is the low range and recoil of the gun.

The SC-2010 is a gun that is unlocked in call of duty by default. It is a gun that can give the gamer a solid edge over their competitors in call of duty. In addition to the proof this assault rifle, it has a comfortable rate of fire.


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