Best class in MW2

10 Best class in MW2 Modern Warfare 2

In the modern warfare 2 video game, classes also known as loadouts, are used in online and split-screen multiplayer modes. They are present in all the Call of Duty titles since Call of Duty 3. The working mechanism of a class is like that of a multiplayer counterpart with some differences.
Any class in modern warfare 2 consists of a secondary and a primary weapon that has up to three attachments to it. In the course of this article, we would be looking at the ten best class modern warfare 2.


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10. AK-74u

A lot of gamers have trust in this loadout as it can be used to deliver a hefty punch with accuracy. The only drawback of this weapon is that it has nerfs and knockbacks. It is also the chopped-down version of the AK-47.
With this weapon in modern warfare 2, you can fight out some restrictions that are imposed on it to make it useful across all modes.

9. Diamatti – Best Pistol loadout in Modern Warfare 2

A lot of modern warfare 2 gamers like to wield this weapon as their main weapon of choice. It has a larger drop-off in range than the AR or SMG. This class can be used to mow through a large burst of bullets and has lightweight nature. With the lightweight nature of the Diamatti, you can carry it across any map in the video game.

8. Streetsweeper – Best Shotgun loadout Modern Warfare 2

This weapon is popular in other game franchises of call of duty such as Cold War and Warzone Season 4. This weapon has a raw killing potential and can be used to wipe out any squad without any accurate aiming.
The name of this class is so because any player can use it to wipe out any obstacle without much fuss.

7. FARA 83

After some time of not being famous, and other loadouts grabbing some headlines, some players are getting back to the good old FARA 83. This is an interesting assault rifle that can be used to make a mess of enemies in the modern warfare game.
The FARA 83 has incredible speed, making it faster than the normal firing AR. Also worth noting is that the weapon does not kick too hard, plus it is very easy to unlock. If you are looking for an interesting class to try out, make the FARA 83 a must choose.

6. KSP 45


KSP 45
This is an amazing loadout that was dismissed by all of the call of duty gaming community. After some upgrade on this class, the KPS 45 is one of the best weapons to try out in Modern Warfare 2. This weapon is multipurpose and can be customized by players to fit into a lot of setups and tactics. The KSP 45 is undoubtedly one of the best tactical Rifles used as a burst firearm.

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5. Swiss K31 – Best Sniper Rifle Rifle in Modern Warfare

Swiss K31
 Most gamers have made complaints about the Swiss K31 as a hit marker machine. In truth, it is also believed to be the best sniper rifle in the game. This weapon is best for quick scoping and is also best to use on maps that have long and unobscured channels.

4. MG 82 Loadout

MG 82 Loadout
The MG 82 loadout came into Modern warfare 2 by storm. It can be used to ruin a lot of lobbies and dreams. The M82 is a very quick and accurate class to use in the Modern Warfare 2 video game.

3. AK-47

There are some changes that were suddenly made with the AK-47 in the modern warfare 2 game.  This is an amazing machine that can be used to tag enemies at a long distance due to its firepower. If you find it easy to manipulate the recoil of the gun, you can make it the best weapon to use.

2. LC10 – Best SMG loadout in Modern Warfare 2

LC10 – Best SMG loadout in Modern Warfare 2
This is a rapid weapon that can be used in many ways in every game mode available in modern warfare 2. The LC10 is ready to use in the modern warfare 2 games. It has a high potential accuracy and damage range, which is a big plus for players. With any setup in the game, you can destroy any enemy within mid-range long distances.

1. Krig 6 – Best Assault Rifle loadout in Cold War

Krig 6 – Best Assault Rifle loadout in Cold War
Saving the best weapon, the Krig 6 is the best class in the call of duty; Modern warfare game. It is a cool assault rifle that can stand on its own without any attachments and be used to single-handedly tear up lobbies. You can turn to a call of duty great by indulging in this powerful class.


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