how to use a heavy Weapon in WarFrame

How to Use a Heavy Weapon in WarFrame

In the course of this article, we would be looking at how to use a heavy weapon in Warframe. There is no doubt that warframe is one of the most intriguing free-third-person shooter game in Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Windows PC. As a beginner in the warframe game, you might be overwhelmed by the amount of arsenal, missions, and gear that is available for gamers.


In the warframe game, there are so many heavy weapons to choose from. Whether you are an amateur or a professional game player, these heavy weapons have a lot of added value.

We would be pointing out the most popular heavy weapons in warframe, and then do a brief guide on how to make most of your heavy gear. Some of the heavy melee weapons in warframe we would be expounding on include; Nikana prime, Gram prime, Galatine prime, and Scindo. Without further mouthing, let us delve in.

Here is How to Use Heavy Weapons in WarFrame

How to use Gram prime Melee Weapon

Gram prime is a very popular heavy weapon that is mostly used in warframe. In warframe, it is described as the primed variant of the gram heavy sword. As a heavy melee weapon, it has large damage statistics accrued to it. Some of it include; high critical chance, status change, critical multiplier, attack speed, and overall damage. The only con of the Gram prime melee weapon is that it has a low swing speed. In fact, it has the slowest swing speed of all heavy melee blades in warframe. Other than that, it is a good heavy weapon for both pros and beginners in the warframe game.
Gram prime Melee Weapon
Some of the stats that support its stance as a good heavy weapon are;

  • Having the second-highest base damage amongst all heavy blades
  • Owning the highest critical chance of all heavy blades
  • It also has the second-highest status chance of all blades.

Relics required for Priming Warframe Gram Prime

To use the famous gram prime, you need to farm it. In a bid to farm gram prime, you need to have the following relics and also know the best farming locations. Here are some of the relics that are required to farm Gram prime:

  • Gram Prime Handle (Neo G1 relic)
  • Gram Prime blade (Meso S8 relic)
  • Gram prime blueprint (Axi 04 Relic)

To use gram prime you can farm the relics in the following locations:
For farming the Neo Relics: you can farm them in rotation A in the mission Hydron sedan.
When farming Axi Relics: you can farm them in rotation B and C
For farming Meso Relics: You can also farm them in any of the below-mentioned defence missions on rotation B and C; Lilith on earth, casta on ceres, Taranis on void, spears on Mars, Tessera on venus, and Gulliver on Phobos.

How to Use Galatine Prime Weapon

In the warframe game, everything is all about farming. Using a heavy weapon can also entail farming it. Another interesting heavy weapon that is mostly used in warframe is the Galatine prime. It is considered sometimes the best heavy sword in the warframe game. With the right build, you can have a perfect galatine prime for your warframe adventures.
Galatine Prime Weapon
The Galatine Prime melee heavy weapon can be used to stun-lock enemies, which is one of the most important characteristics of heavy melee weapons. It has a small AoE charge and can be used to land simple headshots with its overhead chops.
If you use the berserker alongside the Galatine prime, you can activate it. This is due to the high critical chance of the Galatine prime.  Also, the Galatine prime can be taken advantage of in warframe due to its critical chance or status chance. Most times, both the critical and the status chance can be used as a hybrid to give warframe players flexibility when modding their Galatine prime weapons.

How to Use Scindo Melee

The scindo the only heavy melee weapon that can cause more damage than gram prime and galatine. The only disadvantage of this weapon is that it has a lower critical supplier and Status chance and Status chance. Some of the advantages of this weapon include having high slash damage, low-impact and puncture,  find also been the best heavy weapon in Warframe.
Scindo Melee
You want to use this scindo heavy melee weapon, you have to check the presence of the following relics in your Warframe void relic refinement:

  • At the Axi S3, you would get the Scindo prime blade
  • At the Meso N6, you would get the Scinod prime handle
  • And finally, at the Lith E1 Lith B4 would drop Scindo prime Blueprint.

If you wind up not owning any of them, you can buy scindo relics from other warframe players or just wait till the scindo prime returns at the time the Prime vault opens again.

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How to use the Masseter Heavy Blade

This is a very interesting heavy blade, as it is used to grind enemies in warframe into chunks.  This popular melee weapon is often referred to in the gaming community as grendels signature weapon.
Masseter Heavy Blade
A Warframe gamer can choose to build the Masseter as a hybrid weapon because it has a lot of base value in both areas. You can use this melee to perform swiveling, spinning strikes, and even perform strong slam attacks. Imagine performing a slam attack that can knock down enemies giving you great control over the shot.


There are many other examples of heavy weapons that are used in Warframe.  I strongly believe that in this guide that you have gotten a group of what using a heavy weapon in Warframe is like. Most of these weapons can be farmed,  some have to be found in different relics.


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