How to Get Lashing in Stranded Deep With Just 3 Easy Steps

We will show you How to Get Lashing in Stranded Deep here in this very piece. So, if you’re wondering where to get lashing stranded deep, then this guide brings an answer to all the nagging questions on this topic. Just like other stranded deep guides, we will split this into various steps to make you follow easily and perhaps implement them properly as well.


The survival game of Stranded deep comes with so many features and corners you can exploit. From the Islands, the deep oceans, Beaches, hunting, gathering, and a lot of environmental hazards plus other amazing features.

Honestly, you can play stranded deep for a long period of time without exploiting most of these amazing features as they far too wide. PS4 platform was the first to have this game, however, users of PC’s and Xbox are now grooving every single feature of this amazing survival game.

What Is Lashing? And How Will It Help You?

Not everyone knows the function of lashing in stranded deep. Lashing is just a simple tool, normally just any type of cord or material used to bind things together. Also, it is one of the most important items you will need in Stranded Deep.

Lashing allows you to make other useful items in the game, including weapons like a raft, bow, and arrow, and other equipment for your base such as a tanning rack as well. You will have to need a steady supply of lashing in this game as early crafting requires it more.

Lashing is used in almost every corner of the games’ recipe – be it a tool, trying to cure poison or building. With this being said, the necessity of getting a lashing is quite massive.

Where to Get Lashing Stranded Deep


The answer is Palm Tree. So, for every young palm tree you cut down, you should get a lashing in there. This is done by collecting about four fibrous leaves in the palm tree, then converting them into lashing.

Once you have the leaves handy, go into the crafting menu and the option for lashing should be enabled immediately. Select and confirm it to craft a unit of lashing. The one to four conversion means you are going to be hacking at a lot of palms, so you may want to craft multiple stone tools.

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These Are Steps on How to Get Lashing in Stranded Deep

Just so you can simply follow; let’s create a step by step guide on to get this done as well.

Step 1: Stone Tool Crafting

First thing first, you need to craft a stone tool before attempting to make a lashing. This will serve as a cutting tool in the process. If a knife is available then perfect, but stones are readily handy and can fit in perfectly.
Simply pick up a stone or gather a few rocks on the ground, take it to your crafting menu to start creating your stone tool.

Step 2: Cut Down Small Palm Trees To Get Fibrous Leaves

Just like we said earlier, you will need to cut down small palm trees and Yucca trees which can be readily found everywhere in the stranded Island. With just a single cut you can harvest a small palm tree while that of Yucca tree is a bit difficult. It may take about 10 or even more chops to take down and perhaps get fibrous leaves from it.

Step 3: Crafting Lashing

Now that you have gotten the needed fibrous leaves, take them to your crafting Menu and start crafting lashing.
The number of lashing you create solely depends on the quantity of fibrous leave you are able to gather. So, more lashing? Then you’d obviously need to cut down more palm trees and Yucca.
Good luck with that…..

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