How to Play HuniePop 2

How to Play HuniePop 2 on Android Mobile and IOS Devices

The purpose of this article is to educate gamers on how to play HuniePop 2. This is another interesting game that features a dating simulation alongside some in-game puzzle solving.
The HuniePop 2 game cannot be played on a mobile phone; instead, it can be played only on a PC or a Macintosh laptop. All the same, there is a little cheeky hack that can allow a HuniePop 2 enthusiast to play the game on a mobile phone.


How to play the HuniePop 2 game on mobile devices

Like I stated earlier, the game cannot be played on a mobile device unless the gamer follows some hacks.

  • The player would need to download the stream link app to their mobile device
  • Then they would need to run the latest client of Steam on their PC.
  • When the gamer gets the steam link code, they would then pair up with the mobile device of their choice, whether it is android port or apple.
  • Then after pairing up, they would then start to play the HuniePop 2 game on their game.

With all these in place, you are set fair to start playing your game on your mobile device.
Now that we know how to play a huniePop 2 game on your Smartphone, let us look at other interesting things that a gamer can do in the game.

How to Turn censored mode on and off in the HuniePop 2 mobile game

If you are interested in playing the HuniePop 2 game, but wish to do so in a censored mode, no worries. There are interesting ways to go about this.  With the censored mode feature in HuniePop 2, a gamer can remove adult content from the game.

There are only two possible ways to remove the censored mode in the game. In the first method, the huniePop 2 gamer would need to go to the main title screen and click on the settings icon. After clicking on it, they would see a list of options which they would need to browse.

You would now need to look at the top right corner of the screen to see the censorship option.  In that option, the gamer would see two options that they can choose from; Bras and Panties or the uncensored option. The less adult option amongst the two is the Bras and panties.

Another method to go about this is for gamers that have already starting playing the HuniesPop 2 game. Here, they would need to turn on the censored mode in the game by pressing the Escape key (ESC). After pressing the ESC key, there would be an option that would come out to select Bras and Panties from the option.

How a player can generate the Girl’s Stamina in HuniePop 2 Mobile game


One of the challenges that most gamers face in the game is how they can generate stamina. In the course of subsequent paragraphs, we would cover how you can do such.

First off, it is important for the gamer to know that the game has a double stamina system. Both of the stamina system in the game cannot be active at the same time. One of the stamina systems is active while the gamer is out on a date, while the other is not. In the process of being in a date, the player would need to match the correct white tokens to provide stamina to the girl game character.

As for the second stamina system, it does not allow the player to interact with girls. When you ask a question you would need to give them a gift, else, the stamina of the player would then go down.
This would motivate the player to find the right time to have a talk with the girls. When you know the right timing, you can then go on a date and give them gifts.

This implies that if you are on a date, it is best to focus on one girl. This way, other girls in the game would have full stamina. This way, the gamer can also focus on connecting tokens for her and then move on to the other girl.

During the course of the game, the gamer would come to a point where none of the girls in the game would have any stamina. This is when the gamer would have a good chance to talk to them and give them gifts. When this happens, the player would take the game character to the hotel room and take nap.

For those who don’t know how to take a nap in the hotel room in the HuniePop 2, these are the steps to take:

  • With the spacebar, open the HunieBee
  • Then click on finder and hotel
  • Select the nap option then, go on to set the time you wish to wake up.

When the player wakes up, they would see enough stamina that would allow them to talk with them.

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