Minecraft Jenny Mod Download

Minecraft Jenny Mod Download, How To Install and Play

The only feature that can give gamer a girlfriend in Minecraft is the Jenny Mod. In the course of this article, we would take you through a practical guide on how to download and install the Minecraft Jenny Mod.


What is the Minecraft Jenny Mod?

Minecraft Jenny Mod

For Minecraft gamers that do not know what this is, it is a simple virtual girlfriend.  This virtual girlfriend can receive gifts and you can even be best buds with her.

The moment a player downloads the mod of this game, and sets their world to creative mode, they would be able to use the mod. After downloading and installing the mod, the player would find the virtual girlfriend in her house with a pointy roof in the particular biome that you spawn in.

The Minecraft Jenny mod is one that is tagged NSFW, meaning “Not Safe for Work”. It is an interesting yet unofficial mod that brings in a girlfriend for the player.

This is one of the most popular mods that players use in the creative mode. The best thing for you to do as a parent is to make sure that your kids do not download this mod into their Minecraft client.

How to download Jenny Mod in Minecraft

  • First off, the gamer would need to download the CurseForge app for either the Macintosh laptop or the windows PC.
  • It is the curseForge app that would allow the gamer to be able to download additional mods and manage them well in one place.
  • Then from the curseForge app, the gamer would now need to download the Minecraft Jenny Mod Jar Files.

How to install the Jenny Mod in Minecraft

  • Click on the curseforge client to open it
  • Then go to the Minecraft dashboard
  • Then move on to load the Jenny mod files there
  • After that, navigate to “My Modpacks” in the Minecraft menu and then click on it to be able to load it.
  • The next step for the gamer would be to “create custom profile” in other to make a new profile. The gamer can find this option on the right-hand side of the menu.
  • After that, the player can then rename the new profile the way that they want.
  • Click on the “create” option, then afterward right click on the newly created profile
  • Then click on “open folder”, and then go on to open the mods folder there
  • You would now have to take your Jenny mod files and drag them to the folder
  • The player would now have to go to the curseForge Dashboard to see Jenny mod.
  • The player would now need to click on the “play” button to be able to load the game with the newly installed mod
  • Also bear in mind that the player would need to start the game in the creative world to be able to interact with Jenny
  • Then go to Jenny in her and enjoy the Minecraft mod that you made

How to Play the Jenny Mod in Minecraft

Using the Jenny Mod to play the Minecraft game is pretty simple. The first thing the player needs to do is to set the game in creative mode. By playing the game in creative mode, the player would be able to find the virtual girlfriend faster.


After the player is done installing the Jenny mod in creative mod, they would see a building that has a pointed roof.

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Is Modding in Minecraft an Illegal Practice?

There is a wide variety of Minecrafters that want new adventures all the time. And apart from the official updates, the developers of the game community want something more.

In the course of subsequent paragraphs, we would like to elucidate on whether Modding is illegal in Minecraft.

The part of Minecraft modding that is illegal is the part where mods are distributed for money. According to the Minecraft end-user license agreement, Modding in Minecraft that is legal involves creating a mod or plugin without using a substantial amount of copyrightable code.

This is why there are so many Minecraft mods that are in circulation on the internet. Only mods that are circulated without financial incentives are considered to be legal.

Is modding in Minecraft seen as cheating or game enhancement?

Of a truth, there are mods in Minecraft that can be considered cheating. There are also some that are not seen as a mal-game practice. For instance, the Jenny mod in Minecraft is not considered cheating. Most mods in Minecraft are designed in a way that the game mechanics of the game would change.


This is all that a gamer needs to know about how to download and install the Jenny mod into their Minecraft game client. Not forgetting, the CurseForge app is an important app that is needed to ensure the success of the installation.


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