How to get a Minecraft Command Block

How to make a Minecraft command block? Well, a command block is an in-game mechanic that cannot be edited or obtained in survival mode; it is used specifically to execute commands in the game. Command blocks in Minecraft are put to good use in multiple servers, creative worlds, and custom maps.
In the course of this article, we would take you through a practical guide on how to get a command block in Minecraft and also, how to use them.  Without further mouthing, let us delve into our command block guide.


Practical guide on how to get a command block in Minecraft

How to get a Minecraft Command Block
It is important for a Minecraft gamer to know that it is not possible to get a command block from a creative inventory. There are two distinctive ways a player can get a command block in the Minecraft game.  Here are the two practical approaches to getting a command block in the Minecraft game:

  • By using the Pick block controls
  • By using some specific commands

Using the pick block controls

This is one of the practical ways to get a command block in the Minecraft game.  This can be done with the use of a standard gaming mouse where the mouse-wheel of your PC has a mouse wheel in between its two buttons.  It is usually called the third key of a mouse and is pressed down to use a pick block control in the game.
Whenever a Minecraft gamer presses down the third mouse key while looking at a block, that block would then appear in the inventory of the player in creative mode. Also, if the player has it on your bar in survival mode, it would simply switch to that item.
The pick block control is just one of the best ways to go about construction in the Minecraft game.  Pick block + control would enable the player to copy the command and options inside the command block, and place it elsewhere without the need to re-enter the data that is inside.

Using specific commands to get a command block

You can use a command block to change game settings, alter an existing in-game world and even grant players experience points. This is why it is important to know how to use some commands to get a command block.
We are going to see two possible commands that can be used to get a command block in the Minecraft game, and some other examples of command blocks that are used in the game.
The two examples of commands that are used in Minecraft to get a command block:

  • /setblock ~ ~ ~ command_block
  • /give @s command_block

Other examples of interesting command blocks in Minecraft

Like I stated earlier, a command block can be used to change the look and feel of a game. Here are some cool examples of how command blocks are used in the Minecraft game.

Used to change game mode

defaultgamemode: This is an interesting in-game Minecraft command that is used to specify the game mode for new players that are entering the world. The numbers 0,1,2,3 are respectively used to enter survival, creative, adventure, or spectator game mode.

Used to set Game difficulty


Difficulty: This is another interesting command that a player can use to alter the difficulty level of a Minecraft game. There are numbers that are used to change the difficulty level to peaceful, easy, normal, or hard. The numbers use for changing the difficulty in respect to the afore-mentioned levels are; 0,1,2,3.

Used to change the Minecraft game mode for an individual player

GameMode: with this specific Minecraft command, someone can target a particular player and change their game mode. The game mode here can either be changed to survival, creative, adventure or spectator.

Used to display title in the game

Title: with this command in the Minecraft game, a player can display a large string of text in the middle of the screen of the target player. The appearance of the text comes in a way where it fades in, stays for a while and fades out.

Used to change Weather

Weather  [duration in seconds]: this is an interesting command that can be used to alter the weather condition in the game. A Minecraft player can use the above-mentioned code to make rain or a storm. A number can also be included in the command code literals to specify the duration of the weather.

Used to grant experience points (XP)

This is an interesting command that is used to grant experience points to target players in the Minecraft game. To be able to grant levels instead of points you can use the capital letter L at the end of the command. For instance, xp 100L is used to give a Minecraft player additional 100 extra experience levels.

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What are the different types of command blocks that can be used in the Minecraft game?

There are three major types of command blocks that you would find in a Minecraft game:
Impulse: this is a command that runs with a redstone signal in the game. This kind of command runs once in the game and then stops.
Repeat: This is another interesting command block type that allows multiple commands to be run with a single tick. A player can set the delay between each tick with this command block.
Chain: Is a command block type that can be used to execute a command only after a previous command block has gone through their set of commands.


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