How to get Honeycomb in Minecraft Even When Getting Attacked

So, let’s guide you through on How to get Honeycomb in Minecraft. Just as it is in real life, bees are sweet little insects that are the only true source of honey. The game mechanics of the Minecraft game is designed in the same way!  It is important for a Minecraft to know that honey is a very important item in the Minecraft biome.
In the course of this article, we would take you through a practical guide on how to get a honeycomb in the Minecraft game. What to do with Honeycomb, and how to make a beehive in the game. Without further mouthing, let us delve in.


A practical guide on how to get a Honeycomb in Minecraft

how to get a Honeycomb in Minecraft
When you have a beehive that is at honey level 5 and you shear it, the beehive would drop 3 honeycombs. Alongside the honeycomb, it would also drop any anger bees that are inside the.  When you set the camp the beehive is, the bees would be prevented from turning hostile.
Another interesting way to get bees to be docile is by putting fire under their beehive.
If a player has a tool such as a dispenser, it would be used for shearing the nest without making the bees angry. In the process, the honeycomb comes out as the dropped item.
A player can also opt for surrounding the beehive with full blocks and leave just one block empty. The reason for this is so that you would have a restriction to where the honeycombs will be ejected from. In so doing, the player would need to ensure that the front of the hive has no restriction by any of the blocks. This is so that the bees in that hive would be able to freely enter or exit.

What can a player do with Honeycomb in Minecraft?

What can a player do with Honeycomb in Minecraft
To be able to harvest honeycombs in Minecraft, a player would a nest or a hive. It is from nests and hives that a player can get from 1 to 3 honeycombs in the game.
All the same, harvesting them from bee nests might give off a buzzy experience and make the bees to be very hostile. That is why, as stated earlier, you would need to keep a campfire under the hive. You need to ensure that this campfire is the type that cannot burn the bees.
Honeycombs are used for 2 interesting things in the Minecraft game, and they are; to make honeycomb blocks and for crafting beehives. To be able to make a honeycomb block, the Minecraft player would need at least 4 piece of honeycomb.

How to make a beehive in the Minecraft game


How to make a beehive in the Minecraft game
The gamer would need at least three pieces of honeycomb and then, six wooden planks to be able to make a hive. That is not the only daunting task. The player would also need to bring along some new bees to their new home: and the best way to do that is to use flowers to attract them.
Flowers can be used to leash bees around and bring them with you.

Using Honey bottles to collect honey in the Minecraft game

When a Minecraft player uses a dispenser to collect honey from a beehive with a glass bottle, there would be a honey bottle that would be placed in the inventory of the player.
For a Minecraft gamer to be able to extract the honey bottles from the dispenser, they would need something called an item sorter. You would need to fill up to 9 slots of the dispenser with glass bottles.
The more glass bottles that the player can load into the dispenser, the longer the system can run honey without any need or restocking.  To be able to free up bottles for reuse, the player would need to pick up the bottles and craft them into honey blocks.

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How to help bees to work in the Minecraft game

As is similar with villagers in Minecraft, bees are known for following their own schedule. For instance, during the day, Minecraft bees leave their nests or beehives and go around looking for flowers. When these in-game bees find a flower, they would dance around it and collect the pollen.
The moment they take pollen from a flower, you would notice that their appearance would change. After collections, they would start to head back for their beehives or nests.
On return for their hives, these Minecraft bees would start to work for 2 minutes. When they are done, they would go out and repeat the process.
The bees usually return to their hives regardless of whether they have collected pollen, as long as it is raining or stormy.
The best way to help the bees to make honey in the Minecraft game is by placing flowers near their hives. Also, a Minecraft player can also help bees by relocating their hives or nests, to the “end”, or “the Nether” dimensions. These in-game dimensions experience daylight cycles, meaning that the bees would get to work to make honey anytime.


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