Minecraft Seeds for Building

10 Best Minecraft Seeds for Building 2024

Minecraft is a world of endless possibilities. There are many different things to do in the game, and one of those things is building. If you want to build something cool on your new map, then here are 10 great seeds for Minecraft that have plenty of space to build with. So, find out below some of the best seeds for building in Minecraft.


10 Best Minecraft Seeds for Building in 2024

1. Seed 14237865767538553557

This seed is perfect for building because it has plenty of space and lots of cliffs. It’s a nice mix between flat land, hills/mountains, and natural structures like trees or caves that are great to build on! The spawn point is also next to a big river, which is great for fishing.

2. Seed 83297738578788049275

This seed has an amazing spawn point that you won’t want to leave. However, it also has plenty of space and flat land around the spawn area so you can build whatever your heart desires. There are lots of nice hills and mountains so you can build on them, or even walk up to the clouds.

3. Seed 75385636031878204925

This is a great seed for building because it’s very flat. There are no large natural structures that would be hard to move around in like trees or mountain ranges, and it’s perfectly flat so you can build something really cool.

4. Seed 28728077263993549586

This seed is great for beginners because the spawn point has a ton of space to build around. There are some nice hills that you could make into mountains or just walk up on, but also flat land so you can easily build. It’s perfect for people who want to start their own world!

5. Seed 8037794930391868674

This is a good seed if you need something flat and wide open that has lots of space. There are no natural structures like trees or mountains, but the spawn point is on an island which makes it easy to find resources around your home base without having to explore too far away from your house.

The ground also isn’t very thick, so there are only dirt blocks under the surface instead of layers and layers of stone/ore below you as well. This is by far my Best Minecraft Seeds for Building.

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6. Seed 28671662113375298


If building with lots of other people interests you, then this is a great seed to do it with. This map can fit up to 15 players and has large rooms inside mountains where they could all live together.

There are many different areas that you could build on in your own little corner of the world too though for just one or two friends.

7. Seed 1904832799579504027

If building underwater sounds like something you’d love to try out, then here’s a good seed for it! You spawn right next to an ocean at the top of some cliffs so there are lots of opportunities down below as well.

It also has plenty of space around your home base if you want land nearby but still have access to water.

8. Seed 14341366745025656778

This seed has a ton of space to build on all around the spawn point. There are no natural structures like trees or hills, but plenty of flat land for building and nice open spaces to lay things out how you want them before starting construction.
It’s perfect if you need somewhere wide open with lots of freedom in your design decisions that aren’t constrained by any obstacles other than yourself.

9. Seed 4499893618767706873

This seed is perfect for those who want to build a large city or town! There are no natural structures like trees, hills, caves, etc. The spawn point has lots of space around it as well so you can have your own little corner but still be close enough to all the other people in your group if building with others.

With this many flat surfaces and open spaces, there’s plenty of possibilities for what you could create here.

10. Seed 2949499694875545044

This seed is great for building underwater because it has lots of open space and flat land with no natural structures around that could get in the way. It also has a ton of sand, even if you don’t need any more than what’s already at your spawn point.
There are some small islands near the surface as well which would be good to build on since there isn’t much space down below without them. The entire map from top to bottom is made up of mostly just sand too so it should be easy to dig through when searching for resources or materials needed for construction projects. Clearly one of the Best Minecraft Seeds for Building regardless of its position on our list.


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