Minecraft Greenhouse Ideas

10 Best Minecraft Greenhouse Ideas

A greenhouse in Minecraft is typically a place where a player can keep plants in an organized way so that mobs don’t go about disrupting them. Just like a real-life greenhouse, the structure is built to keep your plant-like creations growing throughout the year, no matter the weather condition. So, we would be looking at the 10 best Minecraft greenhouse ideas that beginner gamers should try out.


The idea about creating a Minecraft farm is that a player needs an endless supply of crops and wood that can boost your Minecraft gaming experience. Meanwhile, we had earlier written on some of the finest Minecraft house ideas – so you can check them out.

10 Best Minecraft Greenhouse Ideas 2023

1. Melon Farm

This is an interesting greenhouse design idea for a Minecraft greenhouse. The design of a melon farm that is semi-automatic is called Tile-able. Meaning that multiple versions of it can be built without much interference.

2. Wool Farm

An automated wool farm has at least 16 variations. All the variations have different colors for each type of automated wool farm. The wool farm game mechanic works in a way that the observer sends out an input where the grass is eaten, then a dispenser is powered. The sheep in the game regrow their wool whenever they eat wool.

3. Honey Greenhouse

This is undoubtedly the most technical farm out there in Minecraft. The gamer in this farm would need to be refilling dispenser with glass bottles. You would need a hopper system to be able to run this greenhouse effectively.

4. A Mushroom Greenhouse

A mushroom greenhouse is usually as ugly as they come. It is important for a Minecraft gamer to note that a mushroom greenhouse can only grow on blocks of light at level 12 or less.
In the Minecraft game, the observer monitors the center block so that when the mushroom spreads through it, it would send a redstone signal to turn off the torch.

5. Cactus Farm

The design of a catctus farm is one that requires no redstone wiring for the Minecraft player. Although building a cactus Minecraft greenhouse would take some hopper work. There would be a hopper that leads into a chest, and then a hopper-minecart on top. The next thing would be to break the rail so that the minecart in the cactus greenhouse can rest freely.

6. Sugar cane farm that is modeled like a greenhouse

This is actually one of the most basic designs of a Minecraft greenhouse. The use of these mechanics in Minecraft is for harvesting sugar cane when it grows up to be 3 blocks high. Just under the sugar cane is a hopper-minecart, which is put in the rail on top of another hopper. This hopper is then placed on a rail that is on top of another hopper that would lead to chest.

7. Cooked Chicken Farm

This is an incredibly cheap Minecraft build that is very essential to every beginner Minecraft player. In the glass up top, the chicken there usually laid eggs into the hopper beneath them. They lay the eggs into a dispenser that is facing them. It is now left for the in-game mechanics of the dispenser to the egg into a half-slab that has some lava block overhead.


It is important for a gamer to know that a chicken has a 12.5% chance of spawning out of the egg.

8. An Iron Farm that is modeled like a greenhouse in the game

This greenhouse in Minecraft is a build that you would need, if you be in constant need of iron material. Truth is, iron cannot be mined with fortune III pickaxe in the Minecraft video game. Implying that getting iron with a conventional way in caves might be very stressful.

The iron farm that is modeled to look like a greenhouse is used to spawn iron golems. These iron golems are then used to make emergency iron that is used frequently by speedrunners. For a typical Minecraft greenhouse idea of what an iron farm looks like, check out the work by Voltrox in the vidoe below.

9. Cow Farm in Minecraft

Coming to cows, the best mob for a gamer to farm in the game is cows, due to their sheer utility. Cows in the game don’t only produce steak, but also provide the best food in Minecraft that has a good saturation for the game character.

The cows when farmed properly can be used to drop leather that is used for books, item frames, and armor.

An automated cow farm that is modeled like a greenhouse would need an observer as well as lava, hoppers, and some dispensers.  The only drawback of this greenhouse in Minecraft is that it takes up a lot of space. Here is a typical idea of what a Minecraft greenhouse is what 2ManySkillz did in his youtube channel.

10. Wheat Farm in Minecraft

Finally on our list of best Minecraft Greenhouse Ideas is Wheat Farm design. If you are a beginner in Minecraft, this greenhouse can be used to store carrots and potatoes, alongside beetroots. In this greenhouse, there are observer blocks and dispensers that contain bone meal which can be used to grow any crop effectively.

The best food that can be grown in this Minecraft greenhouse is wheat. This is a good choice of food to farm in a greenhouse. The reasons for this are that it is a food that is used to feed both cows and sheep.  The design of T2 Studios of a greenhouse far is a good depiction of the T2 studios in Minecraft. Meanwhile, you can learn how to make a greenhouse in Minecraft.


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